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Will the US Government use Georgia as an address for bio warfare against Iran?

Will the US Government use Georgia as an address for bio warfare against Iran?

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Joni Simonishvili & Jeff Silverman

According to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE, Organisation Mondiale de la Santé Animale), Georgian and U.S. microbiologists and virologists are conducting joint research into the cholera virus in Georgia. Bodies participating in this project include the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID, Fort Detrick) and the Georgian Institute of Bacteriophage, Microbiology and Virology. This project is thus best classified as being military rather than public health in nature.

It's really strange that USAMRIID (a military research organization which studies the possibilities of using microorganisms as biological weapons) is the Georgian side's main partner in this research. According to the Italian information resource "Wanted in Rome", it is being conducted in a secret laboratory near Tbilisi, in Alexeevka village, another peculiarity in work supposedly designed for public health benefit.

Officially this facility, called the "Central Laboratory for Animal Health" was opened in September 2004. Its construction reportedly cost more than 100 million USD but further information about its activities is completely classified. It is also clear that the construction cost increased due to shoddy workmanship and the grave public health concerns this raised. Now it has been renamed a Central Reference Lab – which is even more impressive than one designed to deal with bird flu and hoof and mouth disease – all part of the subterfuge.

"The construction of this laboratory in Georgia was driven by its geographical position and need," U.S. Ambassador to Georgia John Bass said in a recent interview. However, as one journalist with close knowledge of this facility has confirmed it real nature, “unless you've got a lab flying the stars and stripes next to a mountain of cute dead bunnies, such a story is hard to sell”. The one thing we do know about it is that, according to all the official sources, the lab will not be used for bio weapons research, as was initially reported in the Georgian press, U.S.-Funded 100 mln Bio Lab Opens in Tbilisi,

According to European and American journalists, the laboratory in Georgia is part of a chain of such institutions established by the Americans in Eastern Europe. Thailand, Egypt and Kenya are strategically important for the United States nowadays, as Thailand is the USA’s Asian foothold, Egypt is a bulwark against further uncontrolled Arab revolutions and Kenya is the American influence-spreading base in East Africa and the Indian Ocean. Georgia’s proximity to the Russian and Iranian borders was most likely the key factor in the decision to construct a laboratory on its territory. It is likely not happenstance that the facility is very near Tbilisi International Airport.

Three years after the construction of the laboratory an African swine fever epidemic suddenly broke out in Georgia. Coincidence or not, there have also been isolated outbreaks of rabbit fever and other deadly diseases in recent years, which is not usual for this region. The outbreak of swine fever mainly impacted the region of Samtskhe-Javakheti, where the ethnic Armenian population is concentrated. In addition, a new strain of swine flu, H3N2, was identified in Georgia in early 2011.

Experts consider the cholera virus to be the biological weapon of the future, mainly because of its ability to infect a significant number of people in a short time, the possibility of re-infection throughout life, and the 50 percent mortality rate of those left without treatment and the lack of an effective vaccine which can be widely produced at short notice.

Naturally, this fact could have significant application for US foreign policy in the region – and if so, this would not be the first time that the US government has engaged in bio warfare. One only needs to revisit the plight of the American Indians, who were deliberately given blankets from smallpox hospitals as part of a campaign of wholesale genocide of Native Americans.

Now may not be a bad time to cut loose a bio infection, as so many people are looking in so many other directions. It may serve a political payoff, and even help the NATO and US war effort in the Arab World; the PR machine is being slowed down a bit these days by the flack coming from unintended consequences of US military operations. There may no longer be any choice but to get nasty - anything is possible, even anthrax type attacks, and naturally it will be assumed that one of the crazy Arab leaders who had a weapons program must have had a few petri dishes which were overlooked.  

In the final analysis, however, one must keep in mind that “to build counter-agents you must first have the weaponized grade material or "infecting agent", which means that they have to predict or know what someone might use (the storage vats they have in Georgia are important for this) and then build a counter-agent. The question is, if the counter agent is already prepared, and if not it is just a matter of timing.”

You may not find a lab flying the stars and stripes next to a mountain of cute dead bunnies, but soon you may find piles of bodies of dead Georgians and others living in its neighborhood in the Near East as a result of this collaborative joint effort.

But all of this is open source stuff, and currently in line with known US policy. It's easy to argue that because Georgia is amok with chem-bio nasties that makes it the ideal place to spend millions soaking up all those idle brains and empty labs and putting them to (good/bad) OUR use.

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