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Where is Hans von Sachsen-Altenburg, AKA Fake German-Georgian Prince?

Anybody know the whereabouts of Hans von Sachsen-Altenburg? AKA Fake Prince

 This is my last information “not heard from the prince, but got this from a close source.

Hans Jany
He was born in West Berlin (perhaps Pottsdam) and escaped with his family at age 5. He is said to have grown up in Hanover. Attended high school and college as an exchange student in US and got MBA at Thunderbird School of International Management. Returned to Germany (perhaps Dusseldorf) and owned/ran a playing card company. Google this:  Hans Werner Jany. He favors this mom who was of Hungarian descent. His dad was German although the name "Jany" may have Polish roots. Story goes that was born into very nice family. Parents were professors, taught violin and music theory.

his first life...

Tue, 4 Sep 2007 15:36:04 -0400
More recently, amidst allegations of money laundering, rumors have it that a criminal investigation  was killed from the top  that  against Hans von Sachsen-Altenburg and Nana Andronikashvili in Georgia, his wife at the time
It is highly likely this is connected with gaining control of media outlets over a previously Georgian anti-government TV station that was turned into a US Ministry of Defense Station and in cooperation with NED, National Endowment for Democracy.  One foreign Investor initiates criminal proceedings against Hans von Sachsen-Altenburg and Nana Andronikashvili over Georgia's TV33


The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs had received a criminal had received a complaint re. fraud and embezzlement against Hans von Sachsen-Altenburg, a German/US/Georgian National living in Tbilisi, from David Mapley, an investor in international telecom and media companies.
Mr. von Sachsen-Altenburg, partner of the law-firm Andronikashvili, Sachsen-Altenburg, Baramidze & Partners with his wife Nana Andronikashvili, received funding from Mr. Mapley in December 2005 and purchased 100% of TV33, the license company operated by TV202, in February 2006. Mr. von>Sachsen-Altenburg registered the shares in his own name as legal trustee. Mr. von Sachsen-Altenburg acknowledged Mr. Mapley as an investor/owner in press releases and communication with the Prime Minister's office, yet when requested to register Mr. Mapley as a shareholder he continually provided
excuses not to do so.

In early 2007, despite warnings by Mr. Mapley that he was considering legal action, Mr. von Sachsen-Altenburg proceeded to sell the TV Company for a handsome profit, which he distributed to his overseas account at Merrill Lynch in Texas and to his wife's bank account in Georgia. Mr. Mapley has since taken his criminal complaint to the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, which has recently questioned both Mr. von Sachsen-Altenburg and Ms. Andronikashvili.

Investigations have further uncovered that Mr. von Sachsen-Altenburg, who assumed the title of "Prince" when living in the USA, similarly used his fictitious background to conduct a major securities scam in North Carolina, in the mid-1990's, with a US subsidiary of a German tire company, Continental Tire He claimed to be a Managing Director of Continental General Tire and concluded a major transaction that was reported for public share trading purposes. Within one year senior management were dismissed and it now transpires that Mr. Sachsen-Altenburg was not an officer of the company and acted ultra vires. The male side of the "von Sachsen-Altenburg" family died out in 1991, with no surviving heirs to the title, and evidence suggest Mr. von Sachsen-Altenburg adopted this fictitious title by name change or deed poll. International heraldry experts all deny Mr. von Sachsen-Altenburg's title, as documented publicly.
There are various other references to scams and fraudulent behavior by Mr. von Sachsen-Altenburg that are easily found and referenced on Internet.

 Mr. Mapley had notified international and US law enforcement agencies of his criminal complaint at the time against von Sachsen-Altenburg and Andronikashvili, and was even so naive to have expected the Georgian government to play the lead role in investigation. It is clear in retrospect that Georgia failed to be an attractive country for foreign direct investment, and upholds foreign investor protection and rights as paramount as its economy grows. It has, however, provided an alternative for various schemes that many would consider as being financial crimes and even money laundering, and some of these had the support of various foreign intelligence services.
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