Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why put a bio weapons lab in Tbilisi Georgia? Bechtel National!!!

Will the US Government use Georgia as staging area for bio warfare against Iran?

Bechtel Inc.
4, Freedom Square Tbilisi, Georgia

Joni Simonishvli

Why put a bio weapons lab in a place of all places, Tbilisi Georgia?

According to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE, Organisation Mondiale de la Santé Animale), Georgian and U.S. microbiologists and virologists are conducting joint research into the cholera virus in Georgia. Bodies participating in this project include the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID, Fort Detrick) and the Georgian Institute of Bacteriophage, Microbiology and Virology. This project is thus best classified as being military rather than public health in nature, according to international experts and local alike. 

It's really strange that USAMRIID (a military research organization which studies the possibilities of using microorganisms as biological weapons) is the Georgian side's main partner in this research. According to the Italian information resource "Wanted in Rome", it is being conducted in a secret laboratory near Tbilisi, in Alexeevka village, another peculiarity in work supposedly designed for public health benefit.

Officially this facility, called the "Central Laboratory for Animal Health" was opened in September 2004. Its construction reportedly cost more than 100 million USD but further information about its activities is completely classified. It is also clear that the construction cost increased due to shoddy workmanship and the grave public health concerns this raised. Now it has been renamed a Central Reference Lab – which is even more impressive than one designed to deal with bird flu and hoof and mouth disease – all part of the subterfuge.
"The construction of this laboratory in Georgia was driven by its geographical position and need," U.S. Ambassador to Georgia John Bass said in a recent interview. However, as one journalist with close knowledge of this facility has confirmed it real nature, “unless you've got a lab flying the stars and stripes next to a mountain of cute dead bunnies, such a story is hard to sell”. The one thing we do know about it is that, according to all the official sources, the lab will not be used for bio weapons research, as was initially reported in the Georgian press, U.S.-Funded 100 mln Bio Lab Opens in Tbilisi,

According to European and American journalists, the laboratory in Georgia is part of a chain of such institutions established by the Americans in Eastern Europe. Thailand, Egypt and Kenya are strategically important for the United States nowadays, as Thailand is the USA’s Asian foothold, Egypt is a bulwark against further uncontrolled Arab revolutions and Kenya is the American influence-spreading base in East Africa and the Indian Ocean. Georgia’s proximity to the Russian and Iranian borders was most likely the key factor in the decision to construct a laboratory on its territory. It is likely not happenstance that the facility is very near Tbilisi International Airport.

Three years after the construction of the laboratory an African swine fever epidemic suddenly broke out in Georgia. Coincidence or not, there have also been isolated outbreaks of rabbit fever and other deadly diseases in recent years, which is not usual for this region. The outbreak of swine fever mainly impacted the region of Samtskhe-Javakheti, where the ethnic Armenian population is concentrated. In addition, a new strain of swine flu, H3N2, was identified in Georgia in early 2011.

Experts consider the cholera virus to be the biological weapon of the future, mainly because of its ability to infect a significant number of people in a short time, the possibility of re-infection throughout life, and the 50 percent mortality rate of those left without treatment and the lack of an effective vaccine which can be widely produced at short notice.

Naturally, this fact could have significant application for US foreign policy in the region – and if so, this would not be the first time that the US government has engaged in bio warfare or illegal wars and genocide. One only needs to revisit the plight of the American Indians, who were deliberately given blankets from smallpox hospitals as part of a campaign of wholesale murder of Native Americans.

However, how may not be a bad time to cut loose a bio infection, as so many people are looking in so many other directions, US elections are growing closer and the Israeli lobby is running out of steam for preemptive bombing attacks against Iran. Moreover,  it may serve a political payoff, and even help the NATO and US war effort in the Arab World; the PR machine is being slowed down a bit these days by the flack coming from unintended consequences of possible US military operations. There are better ways to get the same results in taking over the oil resources of the Arab world - and the most bang for the buck, at least for stockholders in Bechtel National.  There may no longer be any choice but to get nasty - anything is possible, even anthrax type attacks, and naturally it will be assumed that one of the crazy Arab leaders who had a weapons program must have had a few petri dishes which were overlooked, the US and its NATO allies would never had cut lose with bio weapons. 

In the final analysis of what is not fairly certain a bio weapons program under the flimsy disguise of civilian ersearch, however, one must keep in mind that “to build counter-agents you must first have the weaponized grade material or "infecting agent", which means that they have to predict or know what someone might use (the storage vats they have in Georgia are important for this) and then build a counter-agent. The question is, “if the counter agent is already prepared, and if not it is just a matter of timing.”

You may not find a lab flying the stars and stripes next to a mountain of cute dead bunnies, but soon you may find piles of bodies of dead Georgians and others living in its neighborhood in the Near East as a result of this collaborative joint effort. Don't worry, as Bechtel has made provision for getting rid of bodies on site that is up to the standards of German efficiency in the final solution. 

But all of this is open source stuff, and currently in line with known US policy. It's easy to argue that because Georgia is amok with chem-bio nasties that make it the ideal place to spend millions soaking up all those idle brains and empty labs and putting them to (good/bad) OUR use. It is easier to argue, however, Georgia is grey zone for bio weapons research that can be used for political ends – including and bio warfare against Iran and the Arab world.

Nonetheless, just many dots do you need to connect, even the last part is about the bio lab -reference lab, as in open sourced documents. This begs the question, "what did I miss? It says Central Reference Laboratory. I read the entire thing word-for-word. I like the brains before brawn. However, there is no way Georgians will have brains before brawn, when easy money and US foreign policy is involved.  Now three years of military study for officers, is that enough.

Hmmmm. I know that the CRL has two BioSafety Level-3 areas and three BioSafety Level-2 areas. One day it will be fully operational for research. I would really like to doubt our Georgian and American government would put our most sensitive future research in the hands of the Georgians. It is simply not going to happen. Why create future bio-agents when we have the knowledge from the cold war and specimens already frozen if some crazy leader wanted to go biological in a fight. The modern fight is PR, Air Force 2st, Army 3nd, sprinkled with Special Forces in hot zones.

The bigger story is that the lab still does not work, and at this rate, with Italians now involved, known for their efficiency, even to the level of Turkish companies, and lab might not work until 2013. Meanwhile Bechtel National has "gotten rich" and the world is a less safe place than ever before. Why put a bio weapons lab in a place of all places, Georgia?

Detail article in Georgian

გამარჯობათ , ვარ უცხოელი ურნალისტი  ჯეფრი სილვერმენი მაქვს სტატია ამერიკის ბიოლოგიოურ საიდუმლო ლაბორატორიებთან დაკავშირებით და თუ დაინტერესდებით მომწერეთ მეილზე და გადმოგიგზავნით>
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amerikis Tavdacvis safrTxis Semcirebis saagento, romelic aSS-s Tavdacvis saministros eqvemdebareba, aris mTavari organizacia, romelmac daafinansa es proeqti da akontrolebs mas da msgavs dawesebulebebs kavkasiaSi, ukrainasa da uzbekeTSi. proeqti, rogorc es oficialurad saxeldeba, miznad isaxavs daavadebebis afeTqebis kerebis swrafad aRmoCenas, iqneba es SemTxveviTi, bunebrivi Tu winaswar ganzraxuli (terorizmi).
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saagentom (DTRA), romelsac is warmoadgens, saqmianoba daiwyo ambiciuri gegmiT - Nunn-Lugar - gaenadgurebina sabWoTa kavSiris masobrivi ganadgurebis iaraRi. es idea gardaiqmna yofili sabWoTa kavSiris qveynebSi koleqtiuri safrTxis Semcirebis farTo programad – daculi yofilio saSiSi teqnologiebi da mecnierebi dakavebuliyvnen sasargeblo saqmiT, im mizniT rom isini “cud xelSi” ar Cavardniliyvnen.

bevri paTogeni, rogorebicaa tularemia (mwvave infeqciuri daavadeba) da Savi Wiri, რომლებიც bunebrivad saxlobენ kavkasiis regionSi, gardaqmnes iaraRad amerikis SeerTebul Statebsa da sabWoTa kavSirSi. paTogenebi, romlebsac saukunis ganmavlobaSi agrovebdnen Tbilisis Savi Wiris sadgurSi, CarTuli iyo biologiuri iaraRis sabWoTa programaSi. amieridan paTogenebs da kvleviT instituts daemateba axali dawesebuleba Tbilisis gareuban aleqseevkaSi RirebulebiT 150 milioni aSS. dolari (es ar aris saboloo fasi da, savaraudod, gaizrdeba arakvalificiuri muSaxelis mier daSvebuli xarvezebis gamosasworeblad).
garda amisa, axali laboratoria Sendeba baTumSic da kidev ramdenime patara sadguri amoqmeddeba saqarTvelos teritoriaze. es dawesebulebebi im qselis Semadgeneli nawilebia, romelic emsaxureba gamoaaSkaravos daavadebebis afeTqeba,  rac aSS-s gasuli wlis kongresis angariSSi moxseniebuli aqvs rogorc “udidesi safrTxe”. saqarveloSi arsebul sxva laboratoriebs aseve afinansebs didi britaneTis Tavdacvis saministro, romelic ikvlevs mcenareul paTogenebs rogorc iyo amerikuli simindis burtyla bugris (mcenaris daavadeba) SemTxvevaSi sabWoTa periodSi.
rTulia am proeqtis Sesaxeb sruli informaciis mopoveba da aSS-მა, romelic xelSekrulebis erTaderTi oficialuri xelmomweri saxelmwifoa, bevri ibrZola daebloka yvelanairi gadamowmebis sistema biologiuri iaraRis TemasTan dakavSirebiT. gadamowmeba SesaZleblobas miscemda msoflio sazogadoebas - codnoda ra saxis kvlevebi Catardeboda aleqseevks laboratoriaSi, raTa gafantuliyo SiSi, rom aSS raime safrTxis Semcvel saqmianobasTan aris dakavSirebuli. bevri adgilobrivi darwmunebulia, rom amerikelebi Seqmnian biologiur iaraRs da mas sazogadoebriv jandacvasTan dakavSirebuli kvlevis fasadis miRma damalaven. igive gaakeTa sabWoTa kavSirmac!
axali laboratoria oficialurad gaixsna 2011 wels da fiqroben, rom cocxali kulturebis paTogenu rma koleqciam mas Semdeg gadainacvla Tbilisis centrSi arsebuli Zveli laboratoriidan aleqseevkaSi. samSeneblo da aRWurviTi samuSaoebi isev grZeldeba.
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ruseTi da amerikis SeerTebuli Statebi cdiloben axali gegmebi SeimuSaon iaraRis gavrcelebis sawinaaRmdegod mimarTuli kampaniis gasagrZeleblad. START xelSekrulebas birTvuli iaraRis Semcirebisa da gavrcelebis winaaRmdeg vada gauvida. rusuli biologiuri iaraRi ki aSS-is DTRA-m ganadgura da dRes ruseTi irwmuneba, rom mas biologiuri iaraRi aRar gaaCnia.
meore mxriv, gavrcelebis winaaRmdeg mimarTuli brZola grZeldeba ბიოლოგიური იარაღის Semcveli uSualo safrTxeebis gamo. gasuli wlebis ganmavlobaSi ruseTTan TanamSromloba Sesustda, rac nawilobriv ganpirobebuli iyo kremlSi gaCenili eWviT. oficialuri moskovi fiqrobs, rom aSS-s strategiuli interesebi gaaCnia, romelic mas surs ganaxorcilos safrTxis  Semcirebis TanamSromlobis sababiT.
TanamSromelTa qseli – Tavdacva saxalxo jandacvis winaaRmdeg
cxovelTa janmrTelobis msoflio organizaciis informaciiT, (OIE, Organisation Mondiale de la Santé Animale), qarTveli da amerikeli mikrobiologebi da virusologebi, saqarTveloSi atareben erTobliv kvlevas qoleris virusze. proeqtSi monawile mxareebi arian aSS-s samxedro samedicino infeqciur daavadebaTa kvleviTi instituti (USAMRIID, Fort Detrick) da saqarTvlos baqteriofagis, mikrobiologiisa da virusebis istituti. es proeqti ufro samxedro  daniSnulebisaa vidre - sazogadoebrivi janmrTelobis.  

ucnauria is, rom aSS-s samxedro samedicino infeqciur daavadebaTa kvleviTi instituti (USAMRIID) - samxedro organizacia, romelic swavlobs mikroorganizmebis gamoyenebas biologiur iaraRSi - aris qarTuli mxaris mTavari partniori am kvlevaSi. italiur sainformacio wyaroze – “romSi iZebneba”-ze dayrdnobiT, kvleva warmoebs saidumlo laboratoriaSi TbilisTan axlos, sofel aeqseevkaSi, rac aseve uCveulo garemoebaa sazogadoebrivi janmrTelobisTvis sasargeblo Sromis Casatareblad.

oficialurad, es laboratoria saxelwodebiT “cxovelTa janmrTelobis centraluri laboratoria” gaixsna 2004 wlis seqtemberSi. misi mSenebloba 100 milioni dolari dajda, magram informacia laboratoriis saqmianobis Sesaxeb ucnobia.

am laboratorias saxelwodeba Seecvala da ewoda “centraluri daniSnulebis laboratoria”, rac ar aRwers im dawesebulebas, romelic ikvlevs qaTmis grips, saxsrebs an piris Rrus daavadebebs. es yvelaferi simarTlis damalvis meqnizmis nawilia.

“am laboratoriis saqarTveloSi mSeneblobas dasabami misca misma geografiulma mdebareobam da saWirobam”,- ganacxada interviuSi aSS-is elCma saqarTveloSi jon basma. erTaderTi, rac Cven viciT oficialuri wyaroebidan, aris is, rom am laboratorias ar gamoiyeneben biologiuri iaraRis gamosakvlevad, rogorc Tavidan daiwera qarTul presaSi: U.S.-Funded 100 mln Bio Lab Opens in Tbilisi,

evropeli da amerikeli Jurnalistebis TqmiT, es laboratoria saqarTveloSi im jaWvis Semadgeneli rgolia, romelic daaarses amerikelebma aRmosavleT evropaSi. tailandi, egvipte da kenia strategiulad mniSvnelovani qveynebia amerikis SeerTebuli StatebisTvis. tailandi aSS-is dasayrdenia aziaSi, egvipte aris damcveli fari SemdgomSi mosalodneli arabuli revoluciebis winaaRmdeg. kenia ki warmoadgens amerikuli zegavlenis gavrcelebis bazas aRmosavleT afrikasa da indoeTis okeanis teritoraze.
saqarTvelos siaxlove ruseTis da iranis sazRvrebTan iyo is mTavari faqtori, romelmac gadamwyveti roli Seasrula gadawyveilebis miRebaSi -am teritoriaze aSenebuliyo es laboratoria. SemTxveviToba ar aris isic, rom es laboratoria Tbilisis saerTaSoriso aeroportis axlos mdebareobs.

laboratoriis aSenebidan 3 wlis Semdeg afrikuli Roris gripis epidemiam moulodnelad ifeTqa saqarTveloSi. gasul wlebSi aseve dafiqsirda kurdRlis gripisa da sxva momakvdinebeli daavadebebis SemTxvevebic, rac iSviaTia am regionisTvis. Roris gripma ZiriTadad daazarala samcxe-javaxeTis regioni, romelic ZiriTadad dasaxlebulia eTnikuri somxebiT, garda amisa, 2011 wlis dasawyisSi gamovlinda Roris gripis axali tipic H3N2.

eqspertebi momavlis biologiur iaraRad qolers viruss miiCneven, vinaidan, mas SeuZlia mokle droSi moicvas mosaxleobis didi nawili, arsebobs xelmeored daavadebis da 50% sikvdilianobis  riskic maTTvis vinc ver axerxebs mkurnalobas an aucreli rCeba.
am garemoebam SesaZloa gavlena iqonios aSS-is sagareo politikaze am regionSi da es ar iqneba pirveli SemTxveva, rodesac aSS-is mTavroba awarmoebs biologiur oms. magaliTad gamodgeba amerikeli indielebis bedi. rogorc cnobilia, adgilobriv amerikelebs, genocidis Semadgeneli kampaniis nawilad, saavadmyofoebidan daurigdaT yvaviliT daavadebuli pacientebis sabnebi. 
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