Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Georgia Election Update - GoG is becoming desperate

I think the BBC miss a few points, like how the government only brought in these strict (and one-sided) rules about party funding after Ivanishvili appeared on the political landscape, and how they took control of his bank and tried to sell it down the river, rushing through USD 50 million in loan agreements to be paid within five days to four unnamed real estate developers without any financial risk assessments being carried out or internationally standard banking norms being adhered to, and the fact that Ivanishvili is actually suing the government for damages.

Perhaps if Mr McGuiness would dig a bit deeper he would see that the government are becoming increasingly desperate in their attempts to stave of the kind of fate which awaited Misha's friend Yulia T, up in Kiev.

Instead, he makes it sound as though Ivanishvili is busting for a fight by saying he won't agree to simply accept the election result - who would accept an election result as being representative of the people's will these days?

There will be trouble whichever way the election swings - common sense and hope for peaceful relations with Russia, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia should prevail and Ivanishvili should win, but it's highly unlikely that the actual declared result will go his way. Even if it does it's likely that there will be all sorts of trouble made for him.
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