Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just dying to tell the truth! "Hermes" Ltd" and preempted recriminations

Just dying to tell the truth! “Hermes” Ltd

Death a recession proof business for members of the United National
Party in Georgia? This sounds like a pre-emptive leak to me, allegations of a provocation
regarding “Hermes” Ltd, ... however, when all is said and done, must be
something in it. Of course, "the death business" is one of those
bullet-proof industries where you would expect the UNM cronies to have
their fingers in the pie, extracting their final pound of flesh from the
lives of the people they kept so poor and miserable.

Tbilisi City Hall speaks about a provocation regarding “Hermes” Ltd,
Tbilisi City Hall spokesperson Bacho Dolidze stated. He said a former
employee of “Hermes” provided him with the information and audio
recording about the expected provocation.

“The audio recording reveals that it is planned to spread false information about “Hermes” Ltd activity, as if the aforesaid Ltd sells cemeteries of people and transfers money paid by the grievers to personal accounts. It is also planned to stage a provocation against the employees. To discredit the Mayor, illegal activities may be committed by certain individuals, including journalists, aiming at misleading the public, organizing mass protests and provoke public worry”, Dolidze says.

Dolidze says that the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs turned out to
be aware of this. He said they have sent the information to the
Prosecutor’s office of Georgia asking to investigate the truth regarding
this very sensitive issue. He also says that such a plan was already
carried out by the same people during the bus drivers’ protests. Tbilisi
City Hall calls on the population not to trust information of this sort.

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