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US Involvment in Drug for Weapons Swaps in Georgia

New Details on Weapons Trafficking, Latest Georgian News

In early June, reports first started appearing on Georgian TV about arms trafficking. There have been active discussions on this subject in recent years but little was noted because of the alleged connections with the Georgian Minister of Internal Affairs, MIA, and high ranking members of the GoG and the Ministry of Defense.  It would be risky for anyone to drive deeper into this subject, and run the risk of threatening state security. There now is little doubt as to the list of countries involved in this business, as based on TV reports and investigative articles published by human rights organisations and the UN. Also, the aftermath of the 2008 Russian-Georgian war turned the media mindset as to start questioning what was actually going on with military procurements and were these weapons being purchased for defensive purposes or with the real possibility of being reexported to hot spots around the world and supplied to terrorist organizations.

Names of specific people have also been noted, Davit Kerershvili, former Georgian Minister of Defensd, and who just so happens to have Israeli citizenship and is reported in the Western media to be working with Bet Shin Intelligence Services, Temur Alasania, an uncle of the Georgian president, Mikhail Saakashvli, amongst others.

Maestro Television, an independent no state controlled TV channel, has been active in this on-going investigation. However, it appears that some pressure is being applied to get them to back down from the side of US intelligence, which is most likely related to the following:

Washington Post Article: 8.21/2010

As received from a person assisting with the investigation, and went a great risk checked out the transport company in Armenia operating and based out of California, and on of Victor Bout's front companies. As of today Georgian TV is reporting some of the history of arms for weapons swaps and the alleged murder of Irakli Kodua who was going to spill the beans on what was happening to with drug transit via Georgia and the possible nexus to Afghanistan. Georgia is well known as  a venue were arms for drug swaps is commonplace.  

Also, the Western media is beginning to pick up a long too hidden article - as it has both political and geopolitical implications, and not only for the Russian Federation. It has to be remember that many of the illegal weapons imported into Georgia were used against Russian peacekeepers and that raises many doubts as to what is the full story.

Finally media, such as the Washington Post is starting to dive deeper, and as one go-between wrote.

'Yes, I remember. It was very pleasing to see such an article in the mainstream media. Congratulations and good luck with the remaining cans of beans and worms to be spilt and opened. :-)"

--- On Sat, 8/21/10:

Subject: I was after the right person

Date: Saturday, August 21, 2010, 3:06 AM

This is what I have been going after for years that the air service you visited was part of the network. I spilled the beans back in June and was on National TV. I sent you those clips; it was me who supplied the end user certificate to the Georgian TV station that got the investigation started.

I thought you might find this interesting, if you didn't know about it already -

Here is an update of what I sent you before. It will not be too hard to confirm the various links here, and I suggest you ask for an interview with the US Embassy and some of the defence contractors. However, try to get the interview in an open forum. Also, I would suggest you put your work into a one production rather than chopping it up, as it loses its impact. It is difficult to follow the story; the weapons trafficking story is much 'bigger: than Georgia alone.

Also, you may want to talk to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of German, Christian Farkhondeh, Military Attache, and Wolfgang Richter, Senior Military Advisor, Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic of Germany to the OSCE in Vienna. I have all their contacts:

1)      Wolfgang Richter
Colonel, Senior Military Advisor, Permanent Mission of OSCE
2)      Christian Farkhondeh,
Lieutenant Colonel (GS) German Embassy, Tbilisi

It is very interesting that German companies are part of the paperwork for some of the arms flowing via Georgia, and it is debatable if this is legal or not.

Talk to the human rights centre, about this, and what was the reaction when they first started investigating this possibility.

Are you seeing anything more in the papers, as this show that Georgia is basically a failed mafia state getting rich off illegal trafficking of weapons and can be considered as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Subject: Re: Nodar Kakabadze, Air West Ltd., Weapons Trafficking
To: "XXXXXXXX" <>, "XXXXXXXX Hridc" <>
Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010, 3:13 PM

Here is an organisation that we need to contact, and get their views, as to foreign political involvement in this industry.

Contact SIPRI by email:; telephone: +46 8/655
97 00; fax: +46 8/655 97 33; or post: SIPRI, Signalistgatan 9, SE-169 70

 My email is being watched, and I am using this one for now. At least to make them go back and forth. Find information being sent to friend in USG, if that is possible. I am digging hard on weapons lately and making some very nasty connections:

"It alarmed me today when ... talking about me ....

.... reminded me by phone that John Bass was with Baghdad USAID reconstruction agency as the head guy between State Dept and USAID and KBR and Halliburton and Black Water.
KBR, Halliburton has been most active here, and who did John Bass work for during the Bush Whitehouse, Dick Chaney, and that plane flying to North K was registered in Batumi Georgia, and that really opens up a big can of worms.


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