Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Viktor Bout and possible Georgian-Blackwater Connection?

Georgia - "Green Light" for the "Merchant of Death" – Victor Bout and his partner Temur Alasania

In previous edition of "Georgia and the World", which is the newspaper version of the "Special Report" prepared by Georgian independent TV Company "Maestro", naturally evokes special interest among a larger viewing public. Even for those who never doubted the anti-government actions of the current regime  in place, and how it is spoiling the reputation of the country as a whole. It is unfortunate that facts support such a reality and this was to be expected.  Consequently the ramifications of which shall be felt very soon by influential persons on the side of the government – those who are involved into weapon trafficking, and/or by those closest to them, their underlings, i.e., those who don't have that much influence. Unfortunately, however, these facts come together to create an unattractive image to the Georgian State, and further reduces its opportunities for development next to zero, and even less. Such a situation is not of much concern to the uncle of the Georgian President- Temur Alasania, for whom the position of President of his sister's son became the source of great deal of income under the protection "coverage" of his nephew. The newspaper version of "Special Report" will clearly show what kind of deals has been pulled off with the "Death seller".

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A bit of commentary, as found on one web-posting in about the weapons dealer, Radio Free, provides some interesting insight in reading the various stories about Bout and his worldwide network, and which the Georgian media claims includes well-organized operations in Georgia. 


There are plenty of mainstream media articles; just search on Google News, connecting the larger worldwide network and how the international arms trade actually works.

Ray from Lawerence Kansas writes on
a Bout-related RFE/RL link, August 25th, "Since he already has plenty of experience working with Americans, this suggest that the US government grant him the title of "Special Pro-Consul to the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan." He could be of valuable service to that defender of freedom and justice, H. Karzai. If this is too difficult to swallow, he could become a VP for Blackwater, which has recently moved its headquarters to the UAE. BTW, why doesn't the FBI trust that the Russians will give him a 'fair trial'?

By the way, here are a couple of Bout-related RFE/RL links, which many followers of Georgian related articles have probably already seen - and it is hoped that more media attention will be paid to current trafficking of weapons, not only by air and sea but by land crossings from the Russia Federation into Georgia proper, and this excludes the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.






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