Saturday, December 25, 2010

More allegations about corruption in USAID, ACDI/VOCA Azerbaijan

Dear Trusted Source,

I have been investigating ACDI/VOCA for more than 10 years. I need documents and not more allegations, and that is the request that I am writing and sharing with various sources in Azerbaijan and the United States.

I need to know what you know about the connection with Azerbaijan and top people in USAID and the US Embassy, and just why are they protecting the locals in Azerbaijan - what are their real motives.  

My very best,

Jeffrey K. Silverman

Here is what I am sharing with a larger audience.

"I am in the middle of a new fire fight, and this all about material support from the "American People" for state sponsored terrorism, and even in the most recent case - funding certain Azeri government officials." />
I need to increase the reading audience to keep something really bad from happening to me. Having my US nationality and passport revoked is small potatoes to what they can do to me for digging into the wholesale mechanism for the material support of international terrorism.

The person that I think should be called before a grand jury is Patrick R. Wingate. He refuses to assist me in obtaining medical records or take a statement when I was kidnapped off the street tied with ropes with tar, and he saw nothing when I showed him the rope burns on my arms.

I am onto something big - and I just received this:

"I would like share with you regarding to one feedback from  22 November, 2010 to  your article about the ACDI/VOCA funded micro-finance institution as "CredAgro".  By the reading feedback at first impressions I could not find any extraordinaire in this  response. However, late this  feedback  dawned me for one issue. Having being  familiar with skills of  CEO of "CredAgro"  -  I suppose that it could be that,  this feedback was organized by the CEO  himself in order to make confusion among  the readers  and draw your  attention  away from raised issue  from CredAgro  and turn to other area,  along with an effort and attempt  for blackmail by the  sentence as:

"Please be warned of what you are dealing with." Of course, there  are also other MicroFinance Institutions in same and other other countries with  problems.  However, first of all needs to think about the motivation of the "writer". 

In our example what is the motivation of writer who tried draw you attention to  other MFI? . Suppose you  can find answer yourself .    Having been provide sufficient money and opportunities, CredAgro, and its CEO could  hire some "writers"  to make confusion and draw your  attention, and make a pressure by blackmail as mentioned above. I think there is reason to consider this,  and you should be prepared to meet surprises by the actors, and by  their  talented producer."

Second email on same day and from same source, same day, December 25, 2010

Please keep below mentioned information confidential for both yours and my security, they are willing to kill to protect themselves, to block the investigative process, as huge money is being collected in the hands of a very few people.

You need to access detailed  documents, which may be enough to submit as evidence.  Just start looking at the range of players, former employees who have been fired or force to resign over the years, what were their real motivations. It is also interesting to consider their efforts in trying to find out why they were fired from the top management in ACDI/VOCA, (the founder), and to be reinstated to their former positions.

In most cases they were pressured to resign and not be fired, and in case they would not give in to the pressure,  evidence would be fabricated.  

Many former employees made sincere efforts to warn USAID and other responsible authorities of what was going on - regardless, this was to no avail. I can tell you that such warning signal were given more than two years back, and what was predicated has come true.

It is the founder, ACDI/VOCA that bears most of the responsibility for what is now happening (for what all has transpired). It is no wonder that the reputation of the US government and ACDI/VOCA has suffered as a consequence, it has "negatively impacted ACDI/VOCA's image and reputation."

In addition, quoting "And one of  more serious issue is that one of former member of Supervisory Board involved illegal processes, receiving  kickbacks for this, and still they continued receive benefits in keeping up such violations. You should be warned  in terms of confidentiality, and because the  head of the IT department, has managed to spy on all information, and on those persons who may have information that may be damaging to the private interests of the CEO.

I would suggest that you make all effort to obtain substantial information in way of documentation as evidence, which will speak much louder than words."

Very interesting, I must change my hobbies in investigating corruption in US government sponsored programs.

Jeffrey K. Silverman


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