Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cronyism over mine deaths in Georgia

Sickening cronyism in Georgia over mine deaths!

Misha sends his crony to the US while the heat dies down about the coal mine deaths.

Gela Bezhuashvili, the head of Georgian intelligence service, will continue his tenure after return from the United States where he is "to complete course of study," the Georgian President's spokesperson, Manana Manjgaladze, said on February 1. "We confirm that he is really in the United States to increase his qualification… it will last for several weeks, maximum month and a half; he departed to the United States to complete course of study and after that Mr. Bezhuashvili will return and continue his tenure," Manjgaladze said.

[what course of study would this be - and who is paying for him to lie low for a while - the poor old tax-payer?].

There were unconfirmed reports recently in the Georgian media that Bezhuashvili had resigned. Bezhuashvili, 43, became head of intelligence service in early 2008 after serving as Foreign Minister since late 2005. He served as Defense Minister for a few months in 2004, before being appointed as secretary of the National Security Council in June 2004.

Bezhuashvili's brother, lawmaker Davit Bezhuashvili, is a founder of the Georgian Industrial Group (GIG) – a conglomerate with diversified business interests ranging from coal mining in Tkibuli and energy to travel. GIG is a shareholding of Rustavi 2 and Mze television stations.

It is also thought there are close connections here with Russian Gazprom and the bankrupting of Tbilisgazi before it was sold off to the Kazaks (Russians)....

After a deadly blast at the Tkibuli coal mine, President Saakashvili accused [the] owners of the mine of neglecting safety norms and of covering up real reasons behind similar incidents last year. The statement was followed by arrest of two mid-level [SCAPEGOATS] of the mine, who, according to the investigation, were in charge of safety norms.

Two persons were arrested in connection with an explosion in coal mine in Tkibuli, western Georgia, which killed one miner and badly injured four others on January 22.
Edem Sturua and Giorgi Devdariani were, as prosecutors say, in charge of safety norms.

The case is investigated under article 240 of the criminal code, which deals with the cases of breach of safety rule when performing mining.

"The investigation is underway and in case of revealing of other persons responsible for the tragedy, similar measures will be undertaken with respect to them," a representative of the prosecutor's office said on January 26.


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