Monday, February 28, 2011

What Georgian Business Climate?

Trapped in Tbilisi.

The Republic of Georgia wants the world to know it's is on a campaign to wipe out corruption. So why is Rony Fuchs--a businesman Georgia owes $100 million dollars-sitting in a Tbilisi prision"

Good Question?
Georgia Pipe Dream

This smells of JV corruption and double dealing on both sides,  did not Saakashvili and his minions not repeat over and over again that if Georgia continues developing like it does not, we'll be there, where Dubai is now in five years.

Well, hurry up and get started and stop wasting time!! I certainly hope that he is alluring to the tourism sector and not the business sector as a whole. Everybody knows that overseas investment in Georgia has all but dried up. Of couse, there are many politicians over the world who are currently trying to convince people that things are going to get better, not only in Georgia. The level of foreign investment in Georgia has crashed and burned, being just 20 percent of what it was in an already bad year of 2008, from what it was in 2005  (2008 year of a for profit war with Russian), at least for arms dealers and NGO types. Investor are growing a little too think on ground for comfort, hence the world is brainwashed with week long reports on CNN. Aside from the usual means of propping up the economy, by moving money around by various means - money laundering - and shell games.

Jim Clancy looks more like a used car dealer than a real journalist, so let's see what will be the result with the latest breaking news.  PR is good, best that the American taxpaper can but reality is reality - investiment here is too risky for clean business. 

Who is going to buy or invest in Georgia proper when the world is in financial meltdown? Who will want to risk their money in a country where conflicts are a cottage industry and talk of peace but political rhetoric.  Subterfuge seem to be the only areas where there is any kind of growth? Who will start new construction projects where there are no clients - and when the money is but credit lines from development banks?


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