Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Retalilation for the death of Bin Laden a perfect cover!

Is retaliation for the death of Bin Laden a perfect cover?

Joni Simonishvili

Basically they announced that they killed Bin Laden in Pakistan - no photos released apart from one which was an obvious (and provably so) fake which somehow made it around almost all the news sites - which will be good enough for all those "YOO - ESS - AY" people who assembled around the Whitehouse, without them having to read that this photo was unofficial and has, in fact, been denounced as a fake by... well, just about everyone really. But enough about the photo - that was obviously planted and did its job without anyone getting their fingernails dirty.
Unfortunately there is no body, as they took it several hundred miles (at least) and dropped it in the sea - so they say. No doubt some grainy photos or video will be released showing something getting dropped in the sea, somewhere.  Thrown in the sea about 800 miles from where he was "killed" - the bloggers are all over this story, having a field day. As one commentator put it - the crap's coming out faster than we can shovel, and it's probably going to hit the fan very soon.
Whatever they do next can be easily blamed on retaliation for the so-called "killing" of Bin Laden, never mind that he's been dead for years.
Anyway - it's all over the news unfortunately, and everyone seems to be thanking their own personal god (the one which kills all their enemies) that he is dead. So much for "thou shalt not kill" - They should read Mark Twain's "War Prayer" - everyone should.
They said they did a super-quick DNA test (presumably they had a lock of his beard or something to match it against?) and also identified him through facial features (nose? check! two ears? check!). It's all bullshit. They reckon this 6' 3" guy with one of the most instantly recognizable faces in the world had been staying at this nice house (which happens to be near an army base) for the past 6 months. I did see another report which said he'd been killed a week ago, but I really can't be bothered to read about it. All I can think is that some big shit is about to hit the fan and they have the perfect excuse now - retaliation for the death of Bin Laden.

India's just pissed the US off by not inviting Boeing/Lockheed to bid for a huge fighter jet order (the US Ambassador to India actually resigned the same day it was announced) so maybe some shit will fly to India. And who knows what is going to happen with Syria? Aren't there now plenty of humanitarian grounds for a UN resolution to be drawn up to do a Libya on them, which would draw Iran into the fight, then who knows what Russia and China will do, who have already lost out on big deals with Libya. Does not Russia park their ships in Syria these days?

It's like a lot of geopolitical earthquakes going on all at once - like it's building up for the big one. All what can be is pretty mundane, like all the Joe six-pack of the world say after these international events: Leaders of the world are "lying to us." Nothing new, they "know more than they say." in brief, all what is being said is nothing but a good old time "conspiracy theory."

It would be really to understand how Bin Laden he was staying in a compound a few meters from a military base and academy. I bet the deal want like this: Osama Bin Laden received permission to stay in this house because he bribed and grease, not with thousands but with millions, (he is a billionaire), some officials in Islamabad or elsewhere. Osama told them: I pay and you protect me if I ever get into trouble, I am attacked or something like that could really get me killed. The so called killing is but a diversion for the debate on the budget and the start of the US election campaign.
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