Saturday, May 21, 2011

Russian Rose Revolution in Georgia, no Beacon of Democracy

Russian Black Rose Revolution in Georgia

Change is necessary as too is reflection, soul searching, take  a stop backwards and think about what has gone wrong with the fledgling democracy "Beacon of Democracy" in this little American enclave called Georgia. A country that once stood for something that was light years ahead of its time. Now the tide has changed, a fledgling democracic state has been transformed into a staging area for wars, arms shipments, weapons for drug swaps and intel operations. Human rights are only talked about, prisionsers tortured and soldiers from the 2008 Georgian-Russian war summarily executed by the GoG of Georgia itself.

Who is the hell is working for who?

What comes next - are we in line for change to the better? A new government might be just what the doctor ordered, at least for a while, until the same mindset kicks in. The problem is that so many in the political shadows  are all cut from the same Soviet thinking mentality.

I did notice that the Beacon of Liberty/Democracy - or whatever that big flashlight is meant to be pointing up to the clouds on Heroes Square roundabout was turned off last night.  It normally shines in the clouds like a second moon.

Rustavi2 were calling the protests the "Russian" Revolution. Bit of a slip up there methinks - acknowledging that it is a "revolution". I'm not so sure there aren't American hands in this too - Nino Burdnadze knows exactly what goes on in these sort of revolutions (having been a successful participant in one), knows where the proverbial bodies are buried too; Saakashvili must be widely acknowledged to be a trouble maker in the corridors of power, not only in the US - John McCain excepted, though it wouldn't be the first time that he's backed the wrong horse. The man is clueless and will grasp for any straws to gain political points. I think it would be in America's best interest if things calmed down a bit round here - but Misha won't let it lie; he needs to the star of the show.

Regardless, Nino seems pretty sure of herself. She is the only person acceptable to both sides that can cut a deal for a balanced policy between Georgia and reforming Russia.

Protesters have been arrested in Batumi  (blacksea city) and Khaketi (east Georgia), and the reformed police has set up roadblocks to block "Russian agents" from getting into Tbilisi and to stop supporters coming here instead. Now who can really believe that?

There was a bit of a scuffle outside the TV station in Batumi - some stones thrown, shot fired - at least according to Russian TV.  Whether these were thrown by real protesters or provocateurs is anyone's guess. Same here with Public TV, First Channel, and who started the push comes to shove.

I wonder how Misha's big military parade will work out on Thursday - when he speaks it'll be the ideal time for the protesters to get their point across on TV networks around the world: "Democracy is not alive and well in Georgia as long as Misha runs the place like a one man band."

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