Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another secret military base in Georgia?

Some fishy in friendly skies of Georgia

Georgia said three Mi-8 helicopters intruded 3 km deep and circled over border guard post for 15 minutes.

Chechen border - looking to see if it was a regular border post or something more.

Wonder what the Russians will say?

I know the Georgians are building these in some odd places - the USACE are building one at Tanie - no roads to it, all construction materials and equipment will need to be flown in by whirlybird...

1.8. Due to the austere location of the project site, it is assumed that all material shall be transported by helicopter from the closest accessible road point. The Georgia Patrol shall provide fuel, pilot, and the use of the MI8 helicopter for transport. Dates must be coordinated with the Georgia Patrol in advance. The coordinates for the Contractor staging area is 42.490567, 44.9188.

This post is going to be powered by a local stream so maybe there was some similar work going on at this other one which the Russians wanted to check out.

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