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Georgian Education Reform, arrest the teachers, scare the children,Pankisi Gorge

Based on Maestro TV Report
News at 21:00
19 Sept 2011

Education reform in Georgia, arrest the teachers? Pankisi Gorge tells more sad tales ... and what comes next?

"Three days ago they jailed my niece Shorena Khargoshvili," Pankisi Gorge

Indriza Gumrashvili remembers the day police imprisoned his niece Shorena Khargoshvili. 16. September Shorena had gone to to Akhmeta to from a village in the Pankisi Gorge to obtain a new passport. After arriving at the bus station she went into a drug story. The police apprehended her on the way out.

Khargoshvili's uncle says the police took her to Tbilisi and are holding her on one month pre-trial detention.

[Indriza Gumrashvili - - - ]

The prisoner was presented with a charge of selling drugs, but there are indications that the imprisonment of Shorena was connected to her fugitive from justice brother Musa Khargoshvili.

According to Indriza Gumrashvili, police have been looking for him for the last ten years in connection with all edged murder and kidnapping. He remembers that during all these years, his nephew Musa hasn't shown
himself in the village.

[Indriza Gumrashvili: He is wanted for murder and kidnapping, but they can't arrest Shorena because of that, she has nothing to do with it. She's a good teacher, knows English well.]

People in Duisi had gathered from early morning today to protest the imprisonment of Shorena Khargoshvili. They say the police have unlawfully imprisoned her and demand her release, collecting signatures to ask help from international organizations. They do not believe the official charge, as being fabricated.

[Irina Machalikashvili: We demand an explanation, why was Shorena Khargoshvili taken, what do they accuse her of? We are all gathered here today to demand her release.]

[Eteri Tsikhesiashvili: In the times when they took our men away, took them to Tbilisi, they used to put something in their pockets. It can't be ruled out that Shorena was taken in a similar way.]

[Duisi woman: Today we protest the imprisonment of English teacher Shorena Khargoshvili. The entire village can testify and confirm that she has great authority and respect in the village. She is a teacher and has a child.]

[Margo Beghakeshvili: Everyone in the village sympathizes with her, because there has never been anything bad with her. Everyone knows her
as a good person, and the children like her.]

38 years old Shorena Khargoshvili previously studied/worked as journalist, even graduating from the US State Department funded, GIPA, institute for public administration. For the last three years, however, she has worked for Roddy Scott Foundation in Duisi, teaching English to locals and refugees.

Her colleagues are upset and are in protest over her detention and rule out that it has anything to do with narcotics – some other motive, The school’s director calls Shorena one of her best teachers.

[Lia Margoshvili: Other teachers have worked for us, but I can't remember a better, more organized teacher. I am 100% sure that she's innocent. ...]

At the Duisi municipality today, they refused to comment the case.

The police also refused to comment.

A support campaign is started and continues until police free her. Next protest is planned on Saturday.

The section of the law which Shorena is charged under carries a penalty of between 7 and 14 years in prison if found guilty.

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