Sunday, October 9, 2011

Armenians of Georgia

Armenians of Javahk
Georgian Armenians: the oppressed people of “democratic” state

"All-Armenian forum of the Diaspora’s leaders and representatives" has been held on the 19-20 th of September in Yerevan. The event was coincided to the 20 th anniversary of Armenia’s independence.  There needs to be a comprehensive report on the situation in Javakhk, taking into account all the minorities and their cultural and educational rights. I imagine the West is doing some good things too, such as fixing the roads.The roads are now better but that's a very recent occurrence.

Have there been any reports on minorities generally, such as Azerbaijani Turks around Marneuli, or other small groups, even Kartvelian ones? Are there human rights organizations with funding for that sort of thing? I don't think anything less than a comprehensive, Western-backed report would make any difference.

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