Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jamestown Foundaton "4-hire" fireman in quelling Georgian politicalbonfire!

Quelling political flames in Georgian bonfire

In their haste to run and quell the political flames which are licking around Mikhail Saakashvili's ears the Jamestown Foundation seem to have tripped up over the outstretched leg of truth.

In this article Vladimir Socor denounces Bidzina Ivanishvili as some kind of power-hungry mogul and "a relic of Russia's and Georgia's political environments of the 1990s" who's apparent failure to mention Georgia's territorial integrity and aspirations of joining NATO led Socor up the garden path as he proudly deduced that Ivanishvili does not foresee either of those two issues becoming part of his policy. In fact Ivanishvili said exactly the opposite of what this pundit accused him of.

Sadly Mr Socor appears to have fallen into the same trap as the Georgian "Ruling" Party (must they always insist on calling themselves that? Kings rule - governments serve, isn't that how it's supposed to work?), and has been found guilty of not looking before leaping to the defense of something which bears all the hallmarks of a lame duck presidency in Georgia.

Socor finally tipped his hand in his final paragraph in which he belittled the opposition politicians in Georgia, almost describing them as "has beens" with no hope of ever mounting a serious challenge for the leadership between them. Of course, there may actually be some truth in that conclusion, but only due to the divide and conquer tactics employed by the "United National Movement" (to give Saakashvili's party it's proper name) through their control of the main media outlets, funding of lobby groups and frenzied support in political diatribe like the above, in which Vladimir Socor makes a mockery of the Jamestown Foundation's boast of providing "Information without political agenda".

Ivanishvili, meanwhile, has provided further details of his plans for when he comes to power, dismissing the UNM's chances of winning an election against him even if they try to rig the elections, something which he seems to expect.

As reports, Ivanishvili said that improving the constitution was the "first thing" that should be done after coming into power.

He said that he had no prepared solutions of exactly what kind of constitution Georgia should have, or "prepared recipes" how to make the judiciary system fully independent.

"I myself have not this knowledge, but I know how demand this from those who have this knowledge and how to get the best result," Ivanishvili said.

"The good constitution will be the one which is a result of an agreement within the society and not the one written by me," he said. "We should create such constitution which will rule out any risk [of concentration of power in single person]... Constitution is very important. But only constitution won't protect you against authoritarianism. The society should also be ready for it. I am going to strengthen the society. That is my major goal."

Ivanishvili also expressed his fear that, after challenging President Saakashvili, he was now expecting anything from the authorities in order to bar him from the politics.

"I do not even rule out that I might be shot; I realize it and I am careful," he said in an interview with political commentator Ia Antadze.

In a Georgian Journal report of this same statement Ivanishvili says that "presumable methods" used by the government are obvious:

"They captured father-in-law of my closest advisor and assistant Irakli Gharibashvili, a gun was planted on him. My son's friend, popular DJ was detained, drugs were planted on him. They demanded disarmament from my guard. Prosecutor's office may close Kartu Bank. They may even close my charity fund – call charity a bribe, they may detain my relative from the bank", the businessman says.

As for his presumable deportation, Ivanishvili says that he may be declared as "a dangerous man for the state". "One MP mentioned 90 days and deportation, not even being aware that EU citizens have right to be in the country without visa for a year. Their problem is that they do not have a clever man in the team to analyze the situation. I don't exclude them saying - this man is dangerous for the state – and decide my deportation. But this will change nothing. They will only make their condition worse", Ivanishvili states.

In another Georgian Journal report, and in response to a "they will kill him" comment made by sacked Georgian theater director Robert Sturua on his facebook page, childhood acquaintance of Ivanishvili Eldar Nadiradze explained:

"I am seven years senior to Bidzina. I remember him from the childhood. He did not obey teachers. This unbridled streak in his character coupled with the feeling of protest followed him all the way to the maturity. When I once suggested him to take part in the Presidential elections, he shrugged it off saying it was not his business. When they say that he has been financing the Governmental projects, he would do it for the safety of his family. Neither did he have peace of mind during the Shevardnadze era. Shevardnadze used to call him to his office and ask him to do this and that. Bidzina had to attend every request or else he could have been proclaimed as an enemy or his plane could have been blown up in the air.

Bidzina did not want to go into politics but they eclipsed his patience. They were requesting too many things from him and were doing it arrogantly, insulting him all the time. This man did many things. Yet, every time Saakashvili went and opened a new enterprise he would 'forget' to mention him. He could understand if it had happened once, twice and so. However, how could you 'forget' it the hundredth time? He is the man who cannot be cheated. The Authorities are extremely unnerved by Bidzina's decision. They will do their utmost to harm him. They will break into his family and even try to arrest him. Alternatively, they will try to force him out of Georgia.

Misha is not a simpleton and an easy mark to get rid of. He is an Asian type of a despot who has intuition and drive. Sometimes he plays a role of an idiot and aptly dons the right masks. He and his surroundings will resort to all the dirty, cunning and immoral tricks to retain the power."   

Based on the MO of the Georgian goon squad, under the MIA, and if something "really bad" happens to Bidzina Ivanishvili, should he get shot or have an "unexplained" accident, Socor and all the rest of the Jamestown boys must bear some degree of responsibility for feeding this despot's ego, as hired guns. They too think that Saakashvili and his minions can again get away it, no questions asked, as may have been the case with previous political opponents such as Zurab Zhvania and Badri Patarkatsishvili and as what transpire next.

Jamestown Foundation is aptly named. The first displaced native Americans and the first African slaves in the colonies originated in Jamestown. And now they want to displace the man who built Sameba Cathedral in Tbilisi and separate him from the same people who are begging for their natural born leader, Ivanishvili.
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