Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bilingual Geo Times Newspaper Launched in Tbilisi Georgia

Former journalists of “The Georgian Times” Media Holding start new “Geo Times” Newspaper

After The Georgian Times Media Holding was forced to stop printing of English and Georgian language newspapers the concept of publishing an alternative newspaper, “Geo Times” was born. Consequently former journalists, both foreign and Georgian, of the holding company have recently established the bilingual Geo Times.

The new newspaper has a different foundation to the old: firstly, it is an objective, independent and unbiased newspaper [no hidden agendas] and secondly it will be available for Georgian as well as foreign readers. The newspaper is bilingual and all articles are printed in both languages.

Some journalists from the former Georgian Times did not want to lose the name recognition they had previously enjoyed amongst media outlets. They also wanted to develop a newspaper in English that would be among the first in Georgia. The journalists were also motivated by nostalgia for a time when journalism was more free. 

Many journalists started their careers at The Georgian Time whilst others developed their knowledge and skills and became successful. It was like a school which motivated them, and therefore they decided to get back into print and reestablish their work.

We want to mention that Geo Times is a fully independent newspaper. No political figure stands behind it. There is no intention of accepting any political offer and the paper wants to distance itself from each and every political figure.

Many of the former journalists of The Georgian Times continue to express their great respect to the founders of that newspaper. They also want to point out that the articles in this newspaper will be analytical and informative. They will be objective, unbiased and based on actual facts. We will offer the readers exclusives and reports from different regions and countries in every edition. In the May edition readers an exclusive interview with a Syrian journalist was shared.

Our Co-Publisher is PR Company Mega M.

A new edition will be available at the beginning of every month. We hope the circulation of the paper will be substantial.

Founders and staff of the paper:
Rusudan Gvazava - Editor-In- Chief,
Zhana Asanidze - Executive Editor,
Jordan. H Evans- Copy Editor,
Rumwold Leigh - Consultant Editor.

You may contact:

Zhana Asanidze-   mob: 558 001 616; E-mail:
Rusudan Gvazava- mob: 574 801970; E-mail: 

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