Thursday, May 31, 2012

Supplying Weapons to Syrian Rebels: Battle for Syria or propping upEURO/Dollar?

Georgia relocates parliament to international hub of weapons trafficking for Syrian rebels. 

Joni Simonishvili

Yup, the war drums are really sounding now. The Battle for Syria - I hear the Iranians are already in there. Meanwhile, supplies are being provided via established logistics links in Georgia and the region, including Turkey. The devil is in the detail and the question remains as if this is done as a for profit operation by the locals or who is really in control and organizing it!?

History may be funny in describing how massive reconstruction works in Georgia was paid for by Syrian Rebels. All the while recriminations fly in all directions.  Clinton blaming Russia now: all this experience in arms and human trafficking can be put to good use and even all those weapons that fell into Russian hands back in 2008; I am convinced that the Russians would never resell them to the Georgia for third parties – NEVER!!!

Who is selling what to whom – and perhaps this is a well-baited trap, one that Christian soldiers cannot resist. Russian foreign minister Lavrov says the rebels did some of the killings, as they were killed at close range in a rebel-controlled neighborhood. Regardless, allocating the blame – but the getting the bang for the buck is not just for defense contractors.

They'll get their war to try and prop up the Dollar and the Euro a bit longer somehow.

I think we'll see a new Security Council resolution soon - worded to make it as hard as hell for the Russians or the Chinese to veto it, but I hope they do.

I wonder what effect it'll have on this place. "Georgian Parliament relocates to hub of Syrian weapons trafficking” I like this - only to prove it - and get pictures loading up the planes.

Regarding the trade - my colleague will send you information about companies engaged in the trade between our two countries - This information is according to the best of our knowledge, saying this because we have differences in such information between two sides.

Three to one tracer: three, one, three, one.
UM4:               So, three to one: one tracer to three rounds uh… regular ammunition; that’s a lot of tracer rounds.
UM4:               Do you guys realize that on that gun…
UM4:               Three rounds…
UM4:               [UI] one in fifty, and…
UM1:               What, what we’re telling on the video. You’ve seen the video.
UM2:               Yeah.
UM1:               What is it on?
UM4:               That video is a hundred percent…
UM1:               [UI] that… [UI] nighttime one, but the daytime one, I think it’s one 120
UM4:               Twenty-five.
UM1:               Twenty-five.
UM2:               One hundred twenty five.
UM1:               Yeah, and you see it non-stop because…
UM4:               Twenty-five rounds is half a second.
UM1:               It’s half a second.
UM2:               Well …not to mention the fact that this is more complicated and more expensive, uh… when we watch the video… at night they use tracers 100% when they are shooting, it’s … [UI]. But during the day one in twenty-five is a tracer, and this gives the impression that they are firing all bursts of tracer rounds. There is no need to install one in every four. Since they use tracers they insert one out of every twenty-five tracers for daytime use.
UM4:               Would… you’ll be very satisfied with that.
UM1:               It’s every… that’s to as… two a second. You’re seeing tracer, you’re gonna know exactly where these bullets are going.
UM2:               Hmm-mm.
UM1:               More than that is overkill.
UM(?):             Yes.
UM2:               If we want more, meaning, let’s say, one in four… well, they will increase our price because of this. If we are satisfied with one in twenty-five, then they, roughly speaking, will take it out of Allen’s office; all of this is not going to…
UM3:               All right.
UM (?):            [Two or more people talking at once] [UI]
UM1:               Okay.
UM3:               There… there is probably [UI] probably one, uh… [UI] we can’t completely [UI]?
UM2:               Well, he is saying, we use this. You won’t see a difference between using all the tracers during the day, and one in twenty-five.
UM3:               Hmm-hmm. In addition to this, uh… the recommendation I understood was that… [UI]… you can fire for an entire minute; [while you do this], the cooling of barrels won’t be…
UM2:               As far as… I understand, he knows some technical, uh…
UM1:               He is very good.
UM2:               … questions [UI] Yes, he says that this guy [can answer] technical questions.
UM3:               Or boom, boom, boom, as needed
UM2:               Is it necessary to … I mean… is it possible to shoot for one minute or this gonna … make our … system unoperatable [inoperable]?
UM4:               [Clearing of throat] I… it can be done… that… I can’t imagine the… situation where you would need to do that… but
UM2:               That’s right, yeah.
UM1:               20 seconds…
UM4:               Yeah… yeah…
UM1:               Will wipe out everything you could see.
UM4:               It’s uh… yes … it will do that. And when we go through the training… it’s a little bit different, we’ll show you the most effective… ways, you know, and a… few second bursts, uh… so you know, because when you’re… talking, you know ….
UM2:               The training will be providing by you or by guys 
UM2:               Hmm-hmm
UM1:               That’s why I have to put in for a license to get the training, the trainer to do that.
UM2:               Hmm-hmm
UM4:               To answer your question now, if you wanted to shoot three thousand rounds in one minute without stopping, yes you could.
UM2:               So, the short answer to your question is, you can, in one moment, shoot three thousand rounds. After that, you [the gun] won’t be able to work; he is saying, based on our experience and the way we train people …

But to be honest it [trade] is on very low level (around 4 mln or so according to Mexicans). The strange thing for me is that mainly trade goes from Georgia to Mexico. Mexican companies are exporting from Georgia - different metals and some agricultural fertilizers. As for export from Mexico, it mainly goes through third countries. It is fun but in terms of direct contact main export product is the Mexican Soap movies (Imedi is ordering those pieces of fine art).

End Note

Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 8:05 PM
Subject: Weapons, etc

I have the full tapes but it is too big to send, here is the one with the agents talking about the tapes and gives the investigative number. They will have to be sent to you by DHL at some point in the future. I sent you the file vault back when and you should have downloaded when we still had access to the original documents. We have to backup such stuff in the future!
Here is the pitch:
You do realize that I cannot talk about this kind of stuff. If you've already sent it to your family, why do you insist on sending it to me? And if it's going to get you killed, why endanger me???? You make it hard to justify staying in contact with you. I'm deleting your email without listening to it. Don't send me anything else like this.
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