Friday, January 7, 2011

Crime is becoming as American as apple pie, Crackdown on Liberty

Countdown to 2012

This is by Gerald Celente, who, was on a recent Coast to Coast radio show in the US, and who discussed some of the top trends for 2011. He also sees increased levels of crime, with older people becoming involved.

"Crime is becoming as American as apple pie," he quipped, from the welfare cheat to the Wall St. con artists to the politicians. Another trend will be a "Crackdown on Liberty," with encouragement to report on fellow citizens, and mechanical drones (already in use Houston and Miami) spying on people, he warned.

Other trends included "Screw the People"-- efforts by the "authorities" to extract funds to meet fiscal obligations, and "Alternative Energy"-- employing new physics to create useful devices. Celente also debuted a new trend he called "Know the Hand that Feeds You." He foresees food prices skyrocketing, and increased incidents of tainted foods & recalls, leading to a big demand for clean foods.

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