Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stop Psyco Saakashvili "OUR Mussolini" !!!

People Speak Out We were against  the government of Aslan Abashidze in Adjara for one reason, as he wasted lots of money for stupid operas and exhibitions, concerts at a time when the country faced big moral and material problems, and with help of the USA we were then provided with a new government which in pissed away billion of American and European tax payers money, and much was wasted on worthless concerts and exhibitions. The exhibitions of Abashidze were really miserable but nothing in comparison with current pony shows. In Georgia people have not daily bread, can proper nutrition for their children and  prices are now rising on products very rapidly. The the new year concert of Batumi -  is the crime  against Georgian people... Andrea Boccellli one of the greatest lyric musician of the world, he is Italian and even Italy can afford to  invite him for new year party for TV exhibition  live program for New Year. Is the US government such idiots to pay so much money for 1 hour exhibition in the country of the third worlds as it is Georgia????   Do it something stop  this psycho Saakashvili which  has classic ill mind of Emperor Neron. Shame to YOU that you choose this government as your favorite. They are new new Nazis and it is visible each and every day. His supporters calling Saaka  "OUR Mussolini" !!! If you will following in Facebook the policemen,  they are writing to each other that Adolf Hitler was right and he was greatest politician and giving the advises to read book "Mein Kampt"... Are you kidding!!!! what you are doing????

I'm following from here everything and picture in Georgia is very very difficult, and it is the most difficult time in the current history of Georgia.  

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