Tuesday, January 11, 2011

US Train and Equip Program, Georgia, Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire and Waging Cold War in Tbilisi Georgia

When is such madness going to stop?  Did you see they blew up three of their own at Krtsanisi training base today, January 11, 2008  outside of Tbilisi, and put 13 more in hospital? 

I wonder if this was one of those made in Serbia, imported via Jordan mortars with short fuses.  Most likely could not sell them to anyone else but Georgia will buy, most likely on the same level as the M-85 cluster bombs sold by Israel – which has a massive failure rate. Good thing for the Georgian army and civilians and the dropped them on their own population back in August 2008.

Many of those killed in the official body count were indeed killed by "friendly fire" – Georgian hitting its own troops in the fog of war. However, that will never make it in the popular press – and the international mainstream press.

Georgia is a small country and cannot afford to lose it youth to such stupid accidents. It is sad that they are only being trained for cannon fodder for US and NATO wars of occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq, and perhaps next for Iran.


Other interesting news, gossip, Potomac Institute and Ambassador David Smith

Question: Is David smith is in Tbilisi making still waging a Cold war?. A bit iof interesting commentary.

He worked before in 1996-2002 as CEO of GLOBAL HORIZONS, is this the same David Smith - here shaping the minds of future Georgian leaders? Is there any truth to those nasty rumors that this same company is now by federal agencies and foreign govments for it role in what amounts to  human trafiking. Is this one and the same David Smith, of the Potomac Institute?




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