Friday, September 10, 2010

High-ranking Georgian Defense Ministry official arrested in Pankisi Gorge

Somebody had to be the fall-guy!

A high-ranking official of the Georgian Ministry of Defense has been arrested in the Pankisi Valley as a result of a special operation several days ago. Soso Guzarauli, is suspected of arms trafficking.

He was arrested by the military police, not the regular police, so this sounds like it could be a control measure in anticipation of what the Russians are going to do over the supply weapons to various groups in other regions of Russian by these established networks.

As one source wrote today.

"Information is sparse. The chief prosecutor apparently is in the dark about it. It's an internal military case and investigation. In other words, they're investigating themselves. Now why would they want to do that?"

One Georgian military analyst, Giorgi Tavdgiridze, says it's a PR exercise, and that the Ministry of Defense has things to hide regarding weapons trade, and are using Mr Ghuzarauli and one other suspect who is still on the loose to deflect attention away from those larger issues.

The fact that the Georgians traffic in weapons is the worst kept secret is  couple that with the allegations made by Russian intelligence that they're in cahoots with the Chechens and [perhaps Americans] to stir up trouble on Russia's southern border, and the recent and growing spate of bombings and killings of innocent men, women, and children throughout the North Caucasus and, well there you have it. Could this be State sponsored terrorism on the part of the Georgians? The Russians are fully aware of this possibility and the Georgians are trying to keep a lid on it by "arresting" one of their own, albeit a small fish. There has also been some contact hits in recent months of those close to the top leadership, most recently a top intelligence officer in Moscow that goes by the nickname of Rambo, who was once close to the former leadership of Adjara and the weapons trade and the Moscow City Government. Later, in 2003, he switched loyalties to Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili and the so-called reform government.

I think that we will be hearing more in the nearest future about Georgians involvement in international terrorism and the important role it plays as a transit country for drugs and weapons.

More can be found on whatreallyhappened,com


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