Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taming down your rhetoric and getting to the nub, FBI and Israel

Letter to editor:  re:  your thread below... arms and terrorism

  I can see that you are taming down your rhetoric and getting to the nub [below].  I think that is far more effective journalism, but one thing, most "read" heroic lone wolf journalists are not really alone, they have AT LEAST one freelance contract with a big newspaper, and the newspaper makes potential enemies of your own research and independent pieces think two or three times before going after you personally.

  I hope you knew that, and that you are fully aware of what enemies you might enlist -- with your ass to the wind without the lawyers and senior editors guiding you through mine fields of investigative journalism, and its dangers.  Okay??  at least. I warned you once.  Editors don't only assign stories and copy editors, they are juries, judges and executors.

I would really like to know who is backing you. I am proud of you that you are not anti-semitic but you are an apprehensive Georgian Jew worried of what Israel has been getting away with, and are targeting them also.  They play really rough.  Ask anyone in the US Congress who does not toe the AIPAC line. And that is just baby stuff.

  Good luck, and watch your back.  And don't pull me into any of your stories without my permission. 

Devoted Reader

Subject: Embassy of Israel and Money for Arms – listserve of select readers, response

You may want to consider contacting the Israel Embassy in Tbilisi for an official statement of what the FBI Director was actually doing in Israel, and how involved is their Embassy here with the corruption scandal that has unfolded with Israeli and American citizens being involved in paying bribes to officials of the Georgian government - and amongst those that hold dual citizenship.

Under the law of the return any son, daughter - or grandchild of a Jew can have citizenship. Are any Israel citizens under investigation by Israeli law enforcement bodies, and if so, what is the status, and if the US would issue a warrant for their arrest, would it be honored?

BTW, an Israeli citizen cannot be extradited to a third country, there might be some exceptions.

Did they know the criminal history of the former Minister of Defense before he immigrated to Israel?

BTW, I can technically have Israeli citizenship, and as my father is Jewish and I practice the religion the best that I can.

Also, ask about large Israeli investments into Georgia real estate, why so much was paid, and is it possible that paying such a high price was done as a mechanism to provide money to the Georgian government for the support of its military and arms procurement programs, and I am talking about the Lisa Lake Project, and fake direct foreign investments.

Also, ask them about the spy drone operating out of Kobuleti and that agents of the Israeli government were servicing them during the 2008 war. I have pictures of the agents/technicians.

Ask about M-85 Cluster Bombs and was any investigation made as why they did not work properly and the launch systems failed, and this resulted in the deaths of Georgian soldiers and villagers? These landed on Georgian villages is confirmed by Human Rights Watch. Anyway, there much involved here, and you are only getting started, and it is interesting that the FBI director was in both Israel and Georgia in such a short period of time - and all the high level connections between Georgia and Israel in the supply of weapons and ready-to-eat-meals.

FBI Director, Robert Mueller, in Israel For Talks on Cooperation

Friday May 07, 2010 09:23 by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies

Israeli sources reported Thursday that the US FBI director, Robert Mueller, arrived in Israel and held a meeting with Israel's Police Chief, David Cohen, on cooperation against what was described as international crime, and the joint U.S-Israeli efforts to counter "terrorism".

Several senior Israeli police officials attended the meeting that took place in Jerusalem. The meeting was held upon request from the United States, Israeli paper, Maariv, reported. No details were published.

The paper linked between the meeting and the attempted car bombing in New York several days ago.

Cohen said that the talks were positive and that cooperation between security agencies in Israel and the United States has proven to be fruitful in recent years.

Cohen briefed Muller on what he called "counter terrorism and crime fighting" challenges the police face.

He added that there are no borders for "the fight against organized and computer crimes, as well as the fight against terrorism".

Editor's Note:

The Israeli occupation government describes the Palestinian resistance to its brutal occupation of Palestinian territories as "terrorism."


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