Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moscow is planning a military operation, but where?

Russia planning military operation? What do you think.

NB: "It may have to do with Baku's plans for a war to start in Azerbaijan with Armenia, and for Russian use this event as cover to sort out some issues with its own domestic problems and put a bit of pressure on Georgia to stop making problems in the region. The war with Armenia is initially planned for September and October over NK, an ethnic Armenia enclave within the legal borders of Azerbaijan, and the Armenians and Russians are close, and this might sort out the "New Great Game" for the entire region. Europe or the United States will be powerless to interview, as they are bogged dog with illegal wars and police operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Moscow is planning a military operation, but where?

22.09.2010   15:45

Residents of Makhachkala are observing with each passing day the movement of Russian heavy weaponry and equipment to Dagestan. The situation is similar in Derbent, where the Russian Defense Ministry has positioned military aircraft, reports the news agency EPN citing Dagestani journalists.

"For the last three days both Russian ground forces and aviation have been entering Dagestan. Thousands of people have witnessed this. We have information that the Russian army Is preparing for a large operation in the South Caucasus," these journalists report.

As North Caucasian colleagues tell EPN in unofficial conversations, the Russian Ministry of Defense has moved in an unusually large amount of artillery.

Positioning of transport helicopters has been observed in the towns of Kislyar and Khasavyurt.
According to sources, today people are speaking more and more about how Russia is preparing for a large operation in the South Caucasus, by which they are understood to mean Georgia.

In the opinion of Georgian experts, an operation is being prepared not in Georgia, but in the North Caucasus. The Kremlin is attempting to cleanse the North Caucasus of insurgency in preparation for the presidential election in Russia in 2012. In their opinion, a schism has taken place in the leadership of the Caucasus Emirate, which has sapped it of the strength to offer resistance to Russian regular military forces.

It should also be noted that the Kremlin has been concerned recently by the large number of young people going to the forests to reinforce the underground insurgency.  It would seem that Moscow has decided to put an end once and for all to the North Caucasian resistance.


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