Monday, September 6, 2010

Report: CIS Countries Are "World's Most Dangerous Places for Journalists"

Attacks may be but tip of iceberg for an attitude, dying to tell the truth!!!

See snip of new report:

The evolution of a "reconsolidated authoritarian model" is enabling states in the Commonwealth of Independent States to re-impose control over mass media, according to a recent report prepared by Freedom House.

The report -- titled Muzzling the Media: The Return of Censorship in the CIS -- makes the assertion that most former Soviet states, including those in Central Asia and the Caucasus, are the most hazardous on earth, outside of active war zones, for journalists to work in. Entrenched authority in these states are increasingly unwilling to tolerate the "watchdog" role that media strives to play in open societies, according to the report.

"Reporters willing to investigate issues such as political and corporate corruption are confronted by powerful, vested interests striving to muzzle news professionals," the report states.

NB - this is also true for non-local journalists in both Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Norwegian Journalist attacked in Tbilisi

Questions Raised by Attack on Journalist


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