Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baku center stage to weapons to drug swaps

But the tip of the iceberg - on-going investigation

Dear Joni,

I found a Pashtun at the port in Baku today. He was dressed up like a full blown Pashtun, with shawa kamez, sandels and Kandahari hat, etc. Definitely something strange is going on, as you told me two months ago. I don't know, however, if this is attached to any planned attacked over NK and starting the war with Armenia over the ethnic enclave within Azerbaijan.

There were about eight trucks, with Afghan and Pakistani flags attached to the hoods.  I'm not sure if the police were actually  checking their cargo, but they were forcing traffic to divert, and then they escorted the trucks out of the city. Not sure where they were going, but the Pashtun said he came from Quetta and traveled through Iran. Maybe he was linking up with some other trucks that just came off a boat from Turkmenistan.

Please send me more info on Silk Road Group and transit of fuel and other materials from Georgian and other points. Also,  I found out from some Americans that I befriended last night that US military planes are only allowed to touch down in Azerbaijan, but that no supplies are allowed onto the ground. If this is true, then the supplies are being flown directly into Afghanistan, rather than shipped overland. But that which is being transported the other way, coming back from Afghanistan, which  seems to be more far more interesting, and that needs to be closely investigated.


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