Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Can we say no to a war school?"

Four Georgian servicemen were killed in Afghanistan on mine explosion, the Georgian Defense Ministry said in a brief statement early on October 1.

Joni's Commentary:

I does appear that 'Onward Christian Soldier' is for the sake of gaining unearned NATO membership with the price of innocent blood. Such a policy demonstrates  a willingness to use Georgians as cannon fodder in a hopeless war that is already being written off by the West. Everybody knows that it is time to leave and let the locals and regional players sort out the mess in the wake of failed US policy and military operations.

The international community needs only to take a look back and remember a a Russian film call "Afghanski Izlom" (Afgan Breakdown) and how it showed the frustration and futility of trying to hand control back to the locals and how soon betrayal resulted.

The body count may be just the tip of the iceberg of information to come. There will be recriminations at home for a small nation that is tightly knit and with the logistics lines being shifted to Georgia, Georgians contribution to this war

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The latest deaths bring to five the number of Georgian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, since joining the NATO-led operation in November, 2009. Georgia suffered its first casualty in early September. At least three Georgian soldiers have been wounded

"Can we say no to a war school?"

"Of course someone may say: 'we have so many problems, our territories are occupied and there is no time now for going somewhere else to fight'. But because of these very same problems that we have, we need a huge combat experience my friends and that's [Afghan mission] is unique combat and war school. Georgia is not in a situation of Norway, Denmark, or Australia. Take a look at our situation, our challenges and threats – can we say no to our armed forces and can we say no to a war school? This is an opportunity to become integrated to the world's best armies, to see the most advanced [military] equipment and achievements," Saakashvili said.


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