Friday, October 8, 2010

Dirty Culprits and Radioactive Sludge, Tim Blaublatt on BP

Letter to Editor,

Sir,  where better for "muckraking" than your venue, and this does not merit MAJOR blogs or search engines, not baby ones like Eurasia Network, etc.

Please help me sniff out the culprits in the devastation of Hungarian rivers with red bauxite slightly radioactive sludge, entering the Danube River, going through lots of Europe and Ukraine; are talking about PLANET EARTH.

Joni, if we can't expose environmental criminals, with public access info, we can't do diddly squat against the big guys, in any other realm.

Tim Blaublatt, AKA, Tim Blowfalt

"The BP oil spill started out with very little identification of who is responsible for the spill. The media was remiss in this; most media empires are in with the other monopolies, often on the same Board of Directors, say a board member of New York Times on the board of Raytheon or a huge pharmaceutical giant also., so goes the game ....

THE SAME THING IS GOING ON WITH THE HORRIBLE BAUXITE and Aluminum sludge spillover in Hungary. The Hungarian "firm" .... are they responsible, or the main office in Dusseldorff Germany? The foreign minister of Hungary was on BBC saying they will research how much responsibility the true owners of MAL Rt. are obliged to fess up to.


Hungary's MAL Rt. is 15-year-old aluminum company, please consider

By ALISON MUTLER (AP) – 13 hours ago
BUCHAREST, Romania — MAL Rt., the Hungarian Aluminum Production and Trade Company, is a privately held company founded in 1995 as Hungary began to sell off state assets after the 1989 fall of communism.
It has three alumina facilities in Hungary that were acquired from the state, including the Ajkai Timfoldgyar plant in the western town of Ajka where a waste reservoir burst Monday, spewing toxic red sludge across three villages. Four people were killed, 150 injured and three are still missing in the disaster.
The company mostly does business in Europe, with some 75 percent of its products exported to Western Europe. MAL Rt. owns or has shares in alumina companies in other Balkan countries including Bosnia, Slovenia, and Romania. It also has an office in Duesseldorf, Germany that promotes its products, according to its website.
The company insists on its website that red sludge is not considered toxic waste according to European Union safety standards and there was nothing it could have done differently to prevent the reservoir from failing. The firm called the disaster "a natural catastrophe."
Red sludge is a waste product that results when bauxite is refined into alumina, the basic material for manufacturing aluminum. Treated sludge is often stored in ponds where the water eventually evaporates, leaving behind a dried red clay-like soil.
Heading its website is a message offering condolences to the victims and apologizing for "those who suffered damages or injury in any way."
Martin Ruemmelein is the company's CEO and the company is 100 percent Hungarian-owned, the website says. Its headquarters are in Ajka.
Police say they have confiscated some company documents after the spill.
Alumina plants are scattered around the world, with the 12 largest concentrated in Australia, Brazil and China. The plant in Hungary ranks 53rd in the world in production, according to industry statistics.
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