Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Extradiction or Damage Control, Viktor Bout

He may walk free and both the US and Russia will be both happy!

Too much in common in using this arms dealer as a go-between, and especially now where he will be needed to assist in gearing things up for shipments of weapons via Georgia for use in Afghanistan and other hotpots around the world.

Thailand: Arms-Smuggling Suspect Is a Step Closer to U.S. Extradition
October 5, 2010

A Thai court on Tuesday dismissed a second set of charges, money laundering and wire fraud, against Viktor Bout, the Russian businessman accused of running arms-trafficking networks across the world, removing another obstacle to his extradition to the United States. Washington had expected Mr. Bout's rapid extradition, but the case has spurred a tug of war with Moscow, which does not want him to go on trial in the United States, most likely because he is thought to know much about Russia's restructured intelligence system.

Thai court's decision to drop money laundering and fraud charges against Mr Bout on grounds of insufficient evidence and that the Russian will be free within three days.
The court on Tuesday however dropped the second charges against Mr Bout due to a lack of evidence and the defendant must be released within 72 hours unless the prosecutors wanted to appeal-- which could be done within 30 days.
The next step, the Thai premier said, he has to wait and see whether or not the United States will appeal the ruling and whether the procedure will last longer than November 20, the deadline for Mr Bout's extradition to the US under the court ruling on the first case of arms trading


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