Monday, November 8, 2010

Company run by arrested Armenian businessmen closed down in Georgia

Company run by arrested Armenian businessmen closed down in Georgia

Comment: This is more a story than the spy scandal in itself, as the competing company, Caleb Brett is tied with the former leadership and Moscow City government.

What a tangle web in Batumi?

With such an array of foreign interests entrenched in the region, it was no surprise when on August 16, 2008 a staff writer for GzetteNet wrote: "Many analysts may be wondering why Georgia's largest seaport of Batumi saw no aerial bombing from Russia" in his article "Hidden agendas are driving the Russian-Georgian war".


Moreover, it is becoming clearer that no efforts are being spared by one country's foreign intelligence service to secure its strategic supply of oil, and at any price. And to do this, it is necessary to maintain the status quo in Batumi and the region as a whole, and to keep oil test results and pipeline flow rates consistent to that which is written on the official paperwork.


Aside from the immediate benefit of this spy scandal for Georgia in trying to upset the upcoming Russian-NATO summit in Lisbon Portugal on November 19-20, and other events, it is alleged that much oil is being exported from Batumi and West Georgia without full taxes being paid, and various shell companies and a clouded document trail are used to downplay the significance of the scale of oil exports from Georgian ports to Israel.

News.Az - ‎Nov 5, 2010‎
Saybolt international company's branch office in Georgia has closed down, according to Georgian news agency Novosti-Gruzia. Earlier the company's General Director Armen Gevorgyan and Deputy Director Ruben Khikoyan were arrested on charges of espionage.


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