Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Purging the oil lines in Batumi - like Iran Contra, Armenians

TV to Air Film on 'Russian Spy Network Fiasco'

How interesting: like a "Smart Pig"


Upcoming film on Rustavi 2 telling the whole story of how Georgia suckered the Russian intelligence in over this very affair; so this film must have been in the making for some time - under close-wraps on the orders of the government (using public funds?)  … and all for the purpose of scoring points over Russia, and right before the Russian NATO summit, and trashing ethnic Armenians who are Georgian citizens. 

Get real!!! I wouldn't mind betting that those dumb clucks (the Georgians) somehow manage to shoot themselves in the foot over this. They're taking the Russians and the Armenian disposal  for fools - poking the bear... and messing with the Armenian lobby. If the Russians really wanted to I'm sure they could make life in Georgia quite unpleasant, not to mention what could happen with aid flows to such a fledgling democracy that has been stillborn.

I think this is all related to the Intel operation that was set up with the oil testing labs, Caleb Bret, Azerbaijan and CIA front oil companies, etc., and how illegal exports of oil to Israel from Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan have been funding all kinds of covert operations - like Iran Contra, weapons for the Congo, etc,  Some kind of damage control may be going on, and it is too early to know for sure to what degree - and how this is but the tip of the iceberg.

I need to get back to Batumi and start digging.  Frontera Oil is the dummy oil "like a smart pig" kingdom the Skull and Bones set up for GW to get started when he as a young party boy and a failure. I am ready to throw my allegations to the wind now that I don't have to protect wife, as she is back in the UK; I can be more reckless about what I am doing.

Read the second article for the names and positions of the two Armenians. One last sideshow before Russian- NATO summit or perhaps before Georgia itself becomes a sideshow in larger geopolitics. 

Armenians are Impossible - two Armenians among "Russian spies" detained in Georgia

Georgia's nationwide broadcaster, Rustavi 2, aired promotional video of an upcoming documentary about, as it put it, "total fiasco of the Russian intelligence".

The 40-second promo, first aired on November 1, provides some hints indicating that the documentary will apparently be about reported arrest of a group of Georgian citizens allegedly working for the Russian intelligence.

The promo mentions "18 spies", although it was initially reported that 20 persons were arrested on suspicion of spying for Russia.

"Rustavi 2 presents documentary film 'Enveri' Russian intelligence taken by Georgia's bait; methods through which the Russian intelligence operates throughout the world; the largest spy network has been exposed; total fiasco of the Russian intelligence; on Rustavi 2 soon", the promo says.

Rustavi 2 TV, usually used for leaking official information, was non-committal when contacted for comment on the upcoming film.




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