Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More American to Arrive in Georgia to teach English

Every wonder why so many Americans are finding Georgia an interesting place to work, and not the NGO types?

Anyway, Georgia is becoming a empty country with migration and a low birth rate. As one American living the "American Dream" - after ten years or hard work and research experience, I am still paid only $43,000 a year.  It is very hard to support a family of four on these crumbs and I am constantly worried about the future of grants  funding in the next submission cycle. I need a new plan. 


I have sent it as a warning to think about buying a 2nd currency if you have any money in the bank.  keep your savings in non-dollar denominations.  Like in Euros or Japanese yen or even in Yuans. Just a tip for what it is worth.  The Chinese and Brasilians and
Indians and Turks are avoiding transnational trade in dollars, and using they Yuan or the currency of the other trading partner, and not getting their hands dirty with very unstable US currency in the middle any longer.

Today Obama is in India, explaining to the Indians that he has U.S. workers under his thumb and that advanced levels of amplified job OUTSOURCING to India is the future of U.S. and India relations.     

I am shocked how much Obama does not give a damn and his words are meaningless puffs of breath.  his speeches not only are dull, but hollow and insincere.  Obama had 1 billion Indians watching him address the Parliament of India on India TV today, and he went on a whole hour saying shit that might sound 'pretty' to dumbed down Yanks, but his 60+ minute monologue did not even apply to their culture, and he went on and on like he was one of the greatest orators in the history of mankind, smiling often to himself marveling at how magnificent he is.

How high is your salary now?  Did the university or the social security  put a ceiling on your earnings long ago or are they giving you more dough for your more prestigious sounding title now?  Isn't the money more important than job title?


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