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Alfa insurance tied in with high level US government corruption scandalin Azerbaijan, CredAgro?

Latest, Norwegian and US Credit Scandals Larger than Expected in Azerbaijan, II

Need more details - I am sending this now to ACDI/VOCA and US government agencies, criminal investigations.  Now is the time to post and send to Washington, United States State Department and United States Agency for International Development.  All dirt on ACDI/VOCA and its connections, Credit Agri. We need to develop this from begining to end:

"The ex director of Barda branch Qasimov Elnur. The Ganja branch was bought during his ruling period. He was dismissed without any reason after objection to insurance premiums in the meeting of branch directors because the credit payments of dead clients have not been realized so as CredAgro has a big interest in Alfa insurance.

Jeffrey Silverman/Joni Simonishvili

Dear ACDI/VOCA, July 22, 2011

I think you have some serious problems, and the cover up is getting to be far worst than the crime (s) and I am obligated to cooperate with OIG, Office of Inspector General, US State Department on this matter, and it does appear the house of cards is coming down on this sloppy cover up, paid off evaluations (M&E), white wash; it really does appear that "material support" has been provided to Chechen freedom fighters." Technically, these days, terrorists.

If you think I don't know what I am taking about then just check with USAID Afghanistan and their "big program" that I shut down, with one article on a pro Chechen website. Yours would have already been shut down if it was not for so many players in the cover up, and the time required for this investigation. Moreover, timing is everything. It is interesting that some very big careers are on the chopping block, not to mention how that money is being used - and providing material support to terrorist is a serious crime these days.

I am putting the documents in order now for US District Court, it might even go a a pro se proceedings based on diversity of citizen-ships.

Now back to brass tacks, not only with ACDI/VOCA but with the Norwegian Credit Program that was also looted - now lots of stakeholders who want to get to the bottom of that big scandal - even to steal from the Norwegian Church, not very clever by your friends in ACDI/VOCA.

Please have Carl Leonard/or how many other replacement there have been, contact me directly in Tbilisi. Should you need a reference, give Rusty Shultz, and Dennis DeSanantis, and/or former US Ambassadors to Georgia and Azerbaijan; they all know me  well over my investigation of how USDA money from ACDI/VOCA ended up arming Chechen terrorists, rural credit union in Georgia - and the murder of one British journalist. And don't forget about Randal Spears and Afghanistan, weapons expert working with rural credit associations.

Any more plane loads of weapons crashing lately, flying out of Georgia and Azerbaijan, perhaps direct that question to KBR and John Bass, or even Dick Chaney?

NB. there are four main subcontractors who were doing the work as follows:

1) FINCA is getting a $10 million grant to do microfinance; 2) WOCCU gets about $15 million grant to make about 20 credit unions. The ex-Green Beret Special ops type Randall Spears heads up this operation, (and this should be the target for your corruption investigation)

3) ACDIVOCA is getting something like $12 million grant to set up its usual credit cooperatives, headed by Rusty Shultz in [cohorts with Gerry Anderson].

4) About $30 million goes to an apex organization called MISFA. $15 million is to make SME loans through banks, and ShoreBank manages that as advisors to MISFA. The other $15 is for micro finance loans.

5) The rest is for administration and bribes to warlords.

The prime contractor, overseeing all the subcontractors is AED, which has no institutional expertise in rural credit (that is a can of worms to be opened as well). My deep throat at the time had excellent relations to the project leadership, so he will let you know once things start happening.

But for [for a while], Rusty Shultz is getting OK marks, lying low, making friends, nothing unusual has happened. His close buddy Gerry Anderson, USAID, looks more and more taking oversight of the ARIES project (which by the way is pretty much the biggest project in town). It appears that Gerry has taken a big fall, because he is now only deputy department head, whereas in Georgia he was department head.

"Yeah, that Leon Waskins was the Mission Director.  Yeah, keeping digging on ARF, that is a very interesting story and you will better understand what went on in Pankisi and ACDI/VOCA.

Ok, take care,

Unleash the dawgs!

Sample to chew on a bit:

I am old worker KREDAQRO(AcdiVoka)

Dear Eldar:

I will edit what you sent and send right now to the Criminal Investigative Wing of the US State Department, OIG and directly to the US Ambassador, in Baku. Bryza is corrupt in my experience but he might be forced to do something to save his dirty reputation.

I will also post on the Internet. I have been investigating ACDI/VOCA for more than 10 years and this is US and Azerbaijan corruption together, not on in Azerbaijan but in Georgia and Afghanistan.

Many former employees have been in contact with me. My friend was killed because of money and corruption in ACDI/VOCA used to buy weapons for Chechen terrorists.

Can you make a rough English translation of all what is being written in the Azeri press. It is time for me to start a war on a very high level. The time is right. I will also share with the Washington Post.

I can also share information with Armenian organizations to try to get an investigation started from America, as to the wholesale waste of US tax money, and allowing Azeri intelligence services to loot credit unions, give out loans to dead people, and writing off good loans as bad to cover up the wholesale corruption.

I want you to correct their mistakes, please, and help bring the criminal elements to justice under US law. It would not surprise me if money from ACDI/VOCA and the fake passports provided by Georgian authorities provided helped in terrorist acts carried out in Europe in recent years.

Best regards,

Jeffrey K. Silverman

Quoting xayyam cavadzada <>:

To    President ACDI\VOCA and CEO:    Mr. Carl Leonard

Subject:           Situation in CredAgro Azerbaijan

From:             Former Credit Officer

I felt the urge to write to you. Because, in CredAgro Azerbaijan, there is something wrong going-on. I have worked in CredAgro Lenkoran branch as a credit officer for 27 days from 25`th of October 2006 until 22`nd of November 2006. I have given up the work because, the administration left me without any assistance and educational process. I want to tell you from the beginning of the events. In order to give an interview for the vacant work place the administration  of CredAgro in Baku called me to the head office. On October 17`th 2006 nearly at 16:00 the director of CredAgro Eldar Jafarov took an interview with me. Auditor Ramin Mizeyev was also there. During interview director Eldar Jafarov complained  of Lenkoran region and about their people. He was prejudiced about Lenkorani people and generalized that sentence; ‘There is inner defect in Lenkorani people’.

I did not liked this sentence but, also I did not reflect upon him. So, I thought, I must to get that work and to prove him that he was made a mistake. I decided doing my best work in Lenkoran branch. I was very willing.

I struggled for 25 days, but I had no assistance from directorship. I was only a worker at Lenkoran branch  with an office woman who worked there for years and complained of apathy to Lenkoran branch. Yes, I saw that apathy. When Bahruz Ibragimov form head office came to Lenkoran on 8`th of November, he reported to Auditor Ramin Mirzeyev that there is need for an accountant and more experienced credit officer for a short time. But, Ramin Mirzeyev and director did not do anything. Also, I demanded for a more experienced credit officer to train me in Lenkoran, but none react to me and they left me without any work training. So, I decided to give up my position and I made a petition for leaving my position at CredAgro. I stated that, in this organization I did not satisfied materially and morally with the process training of a new worker.
After all they called me to the head office which I did not agreed with. Because, from whom I am going to complain to whom. I decided to complain to you. Not because I am not satisfied, because the apathy to Lenkoran branch and the sentence was expressed by director is an insult for Lenkoran. Director ruling such an organization must love every piece of a country. Being behind in the competition in Lenkoran is a fault for CredAgro.

I want to state that, although other workers have gotten their monthly salary for November  CredAgro have not paid my salary yet. Also, other former workers worked before me at CredAgro Lenkoran branch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  have not been paid their salaries for September by CredAgro.

If any docoments  share these directly with the following and the US Embassy in Baku. The American People wants to help Azerbaijan but not to feed corruption.

From: Bill Polidoro <>
Subject: Out of Office: ACDI/VOCA, feeding frenzy in Azerbaijan, weapons

Date: Friday, 22 July, 2011, 2:24

I will be out of the office until Monday, July 25.

-- - The way an email service should be

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