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More Corruption Complaints, ACDI/VOCA, Azerbaijan

More Corruption Complaints, ACDI/VOCA, Azerbaijan

Dear Elmaddin,

Can you tell me what is now going on with ACDI/VOCA. Court proceedings, and what is reported in the local news. I am interested in specific instances of corruption - and what reaction resulted from letters like yours to the US Embassy, and others, including ACDI/VOCA, EBRD, IFC, World Bank, etc.


"I am Elmaddin in" 

Dear Sir,

I now well about the many problems with Credagri staff, and efforts made with the current management, Seth McDonald, Financial Services,, and have copies of the letters, sent with little result to Bill Polidoro, Chief Operating Office, ACDI.VOCA.

It does appears, that together with the US Embassy, Office of Inspector General, US State Department, that a massive cover up is going on in Azerbaijan and there has been high level corruption between ADCI/VOCA and local enforcers, governmental officials, law enforcement officials and even the legal system, not on with US government money but that of Norway as well. It also appears that the looting of these credit associations and writing off of loans was done on a massive scale, new loans used to pay off old loans and millions of dollars and EUROS simply disappeared and were stolen - it also appears that this was an inside job that involved top managment.

Much of this corruption violates Article 309.2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan which stipulated that "Exceeding official powers that takes the for of unlawful exception from a pledge resulting in great monetary damage to a bank."

I am very well aware of all the illegal activities that have transpired in the Zakataly region, espeically the corruption that Eldar Dzhafarove has been accused of by many people, and on a massive level.

Can you interview some of the people who were actually cheated, former employees and provide a summary in Russian of all their contacts. I am sharing in this matter with a friend of mine who works at the Washington Post, as he has written on the massive corruption that takes place in Azerbaijan, and on various levels.

Please send a copy of your documents and your letters to the following address:

Bill Polidoro/Seth McDonagh

Subject: Creditagro complaints

It is interesting that your concerns are from a different region and that these are not isolated instances of high level corruption but part of a larger pattern. You need to ask Bill Polidoro what they will do to "vigorously investigate, and it is necessary [to provide specific information] ... so they will not finding themselves on a "fishing trip" in chasing after what might prove a non-meritorious claim.

I understand that all complaints can be sent directly to Bill Polidori in a letter dated April 20, 2010 that was sent to Seth McDonagh, and he wrote,"They can certainly send any claim to me. We also have a hotline they can use, However, we need something to investigate - not just generalities."

This is signed

Bill Polidoro
Chief Operating Officer/President's Office
TEL: (202) 383-4989/bpolidoro@acdivoca/org
50 F Street NW, Washington DC, 20001

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