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Georgian Photojournalists Spy Scandal and Lastest Bombshell, Vera Kobalia

Georgian Photojournalist Spy Scandal, Bombshell Minister – Vera Kobalia, Oh G-D

As to the recent photojournalist spy scandal:  Misha to Ekho Moscow - "this is not paranoia" - and the interview with some of the accused Russian spies, about 10 arrested earlier this year, and now with Georgian photojournalist, it seems that one may have sold some pictures to the Russian media of events of May 26 2011.

The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) said on July 9, that one of the arrested photographers had links with the Russian military intelligence and two others were providing him with confidential information, including, among others, photos of technical drawings of the presidential palace and travel routes of President Saakashvili.

The real spying may be that someone gave Misha's travel schedule/routes - so now that we can understand the president needs privacy for Vera Kobalia and his sordid record of chasing after Batumi waitresses, a not agreeing husband who was beaten up by body guards and in hospital, five days and nearly killed! Some are claiming that they these dirty Russian spies may have shared nasty photos with the Russian media of Misah and his nice looking minister, or of something sinister, as that the allegations are but a red herring for something more sinister – a smoke for covering up the events of May 26 and the inner working of high level corruption and the inner workings of the governmental sanctioned shadow economy. Regardless, there are many juicy layers to the latest subterfuge and spy mania in Georgia.

Bit of shady background gossip

July 7, Interpressnews brought the news that the minister for economic development, Vera Kobalia, who didn't dance on a bar table in Florida, was hospitalized. The agency issued a photo that they said proves that Vera was admitted to the private clinic MediClubGeorgia, on Tashkent Street 22, Tbilisi.

In the same article, Vera's spokeswoman at the Ministry of Economic Development Tea Bolkvadze denied that she was ever hospitalized, deny all claims otherwise.

In addition to these two photos, Interpressnews also had Vera's presence at the clinic confirmed by the staff there, who also said that the young minister was rushed to the clinic in an ambulance, though they did not specify her diagnosis, condition or how long she had been in their care.

The next day, media reported that the clinic ClubMedGeorgia absolutely denied Vera's presence at the clinic, and the claim that she has been brought there by ambulance.

Analysis and 2 cents worth

I think Misha has gone more paranoid than the young son of Catherine the Great ... young Paul was so paranoid of his mom's networks after she died, he had his quarters built on the same spot where he was born to Catherine, and he said "I will also die on this spot".  He was murdered three weeks later by conspirators. Save all that for the Georgian Paparazzi!

Meanwhile, Georgian leaders and parliament have been selling off almost all the forests and resources of Georgia to China and India and Korea, (under the rubric of economic development), so they can deforest, denude and devour as much as they can consume before there is social chaos again in Georgia, perhaps the Georgian Church locking horns with the so called elected government.  “Cases of fighting against the Church and humiliating the Church are very frequent,” Ilia II said in a recent sermon.“Those who have ever humiliated the Church are punished and they will definitely be punished … The Church will protect you and give you the strength.”

“Historically the Church has always been protecting Georgia and our faith; the Church has always been a huge force and it still is a huge force. This force is not directed against anyone… This force is for making people happy. So we should take care of the Church,” the Georgian Orthodox Church leader said.

“Today we want to pray for our nation, church and pray for the peace for the authorities and our nation,” Ilia II added. Few hours after the Patriarch’s sermon, few thousand people, led by the clerics from the Georgian Church, marched towards the Parliament.

Meanwhile the Georgian government is cooperating with opportunist investors in seeing this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to get rich quick, so to speak “make hay whilst the sun shines.” Also, the new dominating force on Georgian cable TV, there are ten new movie channels on Ayeti TV, and the owner of service provided, (name omitted) based on reliable rumors, is a friend of Misha. He used to be the ambassador to china. Naturally such allegations require closer media investigation, before repeating them, and blasting the results to a larger audience.

Now keeping up with the most popular hobby in Georgia

Bashing Russians as Scapegoats

“McCarthyism is alive and well in Georgia.”
They have had years to root out real Russian spies. Instead, they let them take over and rob Georgia with impunity: water, energy sector, banking, etc.  This has nothing to do with Russia or supporting Russia, it has to do with mafia structures that are stronger than political or civil society, and least, let not - forgetting the rule of law and statehood.

Have we not been here before? Isn't this yet another example of something first democratically elected Georgian president Zviad Gamsakhurdia was pilloried for, rightly or wrongly, but others do without anyone saying a word?

If a government does something wrong you pass laws which make sure that no future government can do the same - hence the laws against Catholic monarchs in the UK, the electoral systems in Italy and Germany, etcetera. In Georgia everyone in charge does exactly what was used as an excuse for destroying the legal President, exactly why legality will one day be restored, as we are all made in the image and likeness of God and revert to that under the greatest stress.

If you want to stop the Russian threat, behave differently from the Russians. The British and Americans were not Nazis and congenitally incapable of being so, that is how they won the war. Behave like Russians and you will never be free from them. Behave differently and there is no need for such laws - ask Estonia, for example.

"Now, the government believes everybody is a Russian spy in this country."

McCarthyism is alive and well in Georgia.
Lana (an ethnic Russian) is very concerned about the way this country is going. She said it was unnerving enough to be a Russian in Tbilisi when the war was on - but now she feels like she and her ilk are getting ethnically cleansed. It's clear, she's quite correct in that assumption.
How long will it be before Russians start getting beaten up by young Georgian thugs here? There's no difference between agenda-driven Islamophobia in the West and Russophobia here. It is quite sickening to see emails coming in everyday - chain emails which people think are funny - about the number of immigrants in Britain. I know much the same is true in the Koran-Burning Belt.

You know how to put out an oil well fire? Blow it up - fight fire with wire. The only way people will see the sort of hole they are digging themselves into, by sniggering along with the crowd at such emails - without actually thinking about it - like sheep, is to let them have it with both barrels.

I don't doubt there has been some underhanded pressure on restaurants to cut down (or stop completely) playing Russian music - I don't think they could ever make that stick in such a popular Russian restaurant as Matrioshka - but smaller places I guess could be frightened into complying.

It might be worth you getting a Russian to conduct a little survey to see if this is fact or fiction, and few interviews with other ethnic minorities (Russian and Armenian especially) to get a sense of how they feel, living in a country where there is such a wave of nationalism being driven by the government - as you know, this is one of the hallmarks of fascism....

Really, the opposition here wants to get a clue and go en-masse to wherever Saakashvili is speaking - with Georgian flag armbands on and give him the old "Misha! Misha!" chant at the end, with their arms held up in a Nazi salute. He'd have to either ban the media from covering his own speeches, or get the riot police in to beat these people up for "supporting" their president.

"Don't suspect a Russian - REPORT HIM OR HER!"

-- - Does exactly what it says on the tin

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