Saturday, July 9, 2011

Four Arrested Georgian Photojournalists as Alledged Russian Spies

State Department "Spin" on Arrested Georgian Photojounalists as Russian spies

QUESTION: Okay. And the second one is Georgia has arrested four photojournalists on charges of being spies, essentially, and some media critics are saying that they fear that this marks a new lurch toward cracking down on media freedoms in this U.S.- allied country. I’m
wondering if you’re aware of that case and do you have any comment on their arrest and what it might say about media freedoms?

MS. NULAND: We’ve seen the reports of this arrest. I think we would say here what we say to the Georgian Government and to governments around the world privately, that we expect a free, fair, accountable, transparent judicial proceeding in this case and in others.

NB. No answer was given about the nexus to the US nor about media freedoms!!!
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