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Akhalgori Region, South Ossetia, August 26, 2011

March of Peace or War Path:  "March of Peace" in Akhalgori Region, South Ossetia, August 26, 2011
I am starting to collect information and investigate the latest game being planned; something might happen in Georgia soon, August 26, 2011
On the 26th of August another massive attempt of crossing the Ossetian-Georgian border will be made by s "refugees/IDPS" who had to flee South Ossetia during the Georgian attack of August 2008.The action is especially designed by Georgian Special Services and their foreign backers to make the South Ossetian side  use violent force; there might even be bloodshed and even loss of life. There is method in madness, and the intention is to make sure that the event is widely covered by Georgian and Western media outlets, and the blame put on the South Ossetians and their Russian backers; it will even be presented as [they] provoked the violent incident in the first place.
It is expected that at least 100 to 200 "Georgian Only"  IDPs  from the border region of Ossetia-Georgia, on August 26, 2011, which is being organized and manipulated by Saaki police types, together with think tank types, such as Potomac Institute, and others. However, this action will not involve vast majority of other refugees/IDPS from the ill-conceived and conducted Russian-Georgian-South Ossetian conflict in Aug. 2008, of which there were many besides just ethnic Georgians who suffered.
Those involved in this latest appear not to be mainstream IDPS, like those being forced out of Tbilisi and other collective centers but those who are most prone to being forced to follow the orders of the Georgian regime. However, it is questionable as how much, if any, western media attention will result.  Hardly any Russian coverage either.  Just tons of spin and PR, as usual from Tbilisi government controlled TV stations, which can go on non-stop for months – like beating a dead horse.
Another source writes
‎...about Refugees/IDPs in GeorgiaRefugees regularly organize protests in Tbilisi and other cities but the government absolutely IGNORES their problems. But when refugees move to decisive action and return to their native land without the government’s aid, they are accused of treachery. For instance, in 2007 Nino Burjanadze, the then Georgian parliament speaker, sharply criticized the refugees who had ...returned to the Gali district in Abkhazia and called them pseudo-patriots and traitors. First the authorities exploited them to receive the international aid and then they accused refugees of all deadly sins. We have very “caring” government! Nothing to say!
In addition to outright mockery of refugees the Georgian authorities often use them in PROVOCATIONS. For example, on 26th of August, 2010 hundreds of refugees tried unsuccessfully to cross the border into South Ossetia in the Akhalgori region of South Ossetia. "March of Peace" – as planned by the Georgian special services, finished no results; it was a planned PR-action-oriented, primarily towards the West but a failure in the end.
On the 26th August 2011 another massive attempt of crossing the Ossetian-Georgian border will be made by "refugees/IDPs" who had left South Ossetia during the Georgian aggression of August 2008.The action is designed to ensure that the South Ossetian side to use force. It is expected by planner that the provocation will be widely covered by the Georgian and Western media, and the responsibility for possible consequences of its plan will be entrusted on the government of South Ossetia.
This large-scale provocation with refugees in Georgia will tell the world once again that Georgian government does everything possible to return the refugees to their homeland, and the authorities of Abkhazia and South Ossetia OSTENSIBLY prevent this.
Thus, demonstrating to the world community desire to solve the refugee problem, the current Georgian government uses them as a TOOL in a DIRTY political GAME. The most awful thing in this situation, not even the fact that nobody cares about the refugee problem (the events related to their evictions from temporary housing is the best example). But the fact that Georgian authorities organizing such provocations know that there will be HUMAN LOSSES this time….

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