Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ron Paul tells it like it is! Squeaky Clean too!

Ron Paul for President


You know who "other" is... Ron Paul. So far ahead they daren't even put him on their poll. Check the comments and share the disbelief.

On the following poll he is shown as "None of these"... he hot about 56% of the votes.

Click to vote and you'll see he got about 76% of the votes.

Are the corporate-owned media that terrified of him?

He came across rather well on Fox News...

P.S. Did you see the guillotine in Tel Aviv?

Riots in London, huge protests in Israel, and now riots in China. When will the American majority wake up and realise that they're not going to get wealthy again in their lifetime? Those are the coming riots that they're really worried about, why they've already set up the FEMA camps, why they try so hard to keep people from hearing about Ron Paul and what he has to say. They daren't let him in - he actually has a plan to get America out of this mess but it's a long and painful road, particularly if you're a rich corporate whore. He wants to cancel $1.6t of debt and abolish the Fed. What are they going to do - he has a squeaky clean voting record and no skeletons in the closet they can drag out and use against him. Kill him?

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