Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If the devil were to cast his net in Georgia, scams and money launderning. and more!!

Scams in post 2003 Georgia, Mestia, Possible Investment Fraud

The dots connect to this, but I'll just dig into it a bit more - it's the dogs he lies down with who are hiding behind the curtains who gave him fleas. He just stupidly trusted them (the Israelis)..

Look at this too and put on your thinking caps. This wold make an interesting article if someone would review the background and could connect the dots, and this is one among many dirty investment deals.

If the devil were to cast his net...

DLA PIPER: If the devil were to cast his laundering - and interesting networks of patronage.

TED JONAS is here in Tbilisi as manager of Yakir, David, Jonas & Co. – Law-Offices and Notary - One of the prominent legal consulting companies in Israel/Tbilii is Yakir, David, Jonas & Co. It is known for a high quality and very professional legal and tax consulting. Our partnership network is the foundation of our success in the law consulting.

He is married to a Georgian and speaks Georgian fluently, trained in Georgian academically. DLA PIPER director Ted is a US-trained and educated lawyer, licensed in Washington, DC. He has worked on cross-border transactions and disputes in the United States, the EU, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

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