Saturday, August 20, 2011

May 26, March of Peace to South Ossetia

Come and Celebrate May 26, March of Peace to South Ossetia

Re: lots of non Georgian Ossetians lost their homes too, and nobody gave them a free Potemkin Village to live in

Have you heard that Georgian special services prepare the provocation on the 26 of August? Hundreds of IDPs as a result of the 2008 Georgian-Russian war will try to cross South Ossetian border in Akalgori district. Governmental minders call it "March of Peace"... I'm sure there will be human losses, cause South Ossetian side won't let them do it - or someone will fire the first shop.


 It is possible to even open up some shops out there among the soon to be emptied match boxes along side the main road going West from Tbilisi; and even better to turn loose market forces, and maybe make these bedroom communitiues into the newest elite shopping district in all Georgia, because even a lazy untrained US dude trying his hand at business, would be light years better than a Georgian MBA.  I know at least one journalist who could open a camera shop,  another a sex doll shop, I could a clothing shop, etc.  I know another dude who wants to open a travel agency with weekend sex holidays to Scandanavia, and he promises you a travel visa, wink wink wink, and we could make late night TV ads in person, bragging on ourselves and our products.  Everyone would know us, so the Georgian Mafia could not close down our successful operations, and even the World Bank and everybody says that Georgia is open for business.

It is hard to find much of anything and this, aside from inside information, human intel - and it is Georgian IDPs that want to cross into South Ossetia, and in mass, this is intended to bring about an incident - as Palestinians wanting to cross over and reclaim Israel proper. It would not surprise that his Nazi Youth Corps will not be involved - or some prison youth doing time in the big house are let out for a day trip; they would provide some cannon fodder, and stir the pot; as guy cannot live without limelight - his ego.
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