Thursday, June 28, 2012

Henchmen, Goons and Public Servants - Saakashvili's Fledgling Democracy

Ombudsman Says Public Servants Involved in Mereti Incident

The Georgian Public Defender’s Office said on Thursday that it had launched studying a fistfight incident in the village of Mereti of Shida Kartli region, which thwarted a campaign meeting of Georgian Dream leader Bidzina Ivanishvili with locals on June 26.

The Public Defender’s Office (PDO) said in a statement, that reason behind the decision to study the case was video footage aired by the media outlets, showing that “persons, who were involved in the incident are public servants, including employees of Gori local self-government body and emergency situations service of the Shida Kartli” region.

“According to reports, there are no above mentioned public servants among those arrested” in connection to the incident in Mereti, the Public Defender’s Office said.

EU 'Concerned over Political Tension' Ahead of Elections

The European Union is “increasingly concerned about growing political tension and polarization in the run-up to the parliamentary elections” scheduled for this October, said EU Commissioner Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Štefan Füle after meeting with President Saakashvili in Brussels on June 28.

NB: Do they need to wait till they start shooting at buses again before actually doing something about it? Threaten to cancel funding or something. The big problems (of course) will come if Ivanishvili actually succeeds - there'll need to be a wholesale clearout in Internal Affairs. Vano's been VERY quiet these past few months, hasn't he? Not a squeak of a quote from him about anything in the news. Keeping his head down? Wonder what he's up to - probably getting well prepared to switch sides by making a list of who to arrest.

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