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US Republican Party and Georgian Freedom Party, what's the link?

US Republican Party play dirty politics with Georgian Freedom Party!

RE: How are you? We haven't talk for a while. During this time there hasn’t any stories about Ivanishvili's lobbing campaign because there were a lot of other political events happening, albeit recently there was had a story on Georgian TV that might be of interest.  You can see it here:



Tell me the story that you want and I can give you some direction. However, in the meantime, the following will be useful to you. I am provided some information as to what the US Embassy thinks of Aslania - and why then does it support him and the Freedom Party, helps explain why Hillary would not meet with Ivanishvili in Batumi in May, aside from the fact that he is technically not a Georgian citizen, albeit that is not the issue.

•There are two policies in the US elected government, that of the president and than that of the US State Department, almost like a government within-a-government. They really have a bag of dirty tricks to play with and there are no rules when it comes to Georgia. It is like no holds barred.  

Sam Patten, a political adviser to Irakli Alasania, a leading voice in Georgia's opposition party, anointed by the US State Department to be the next in line. You are clever and the answer should be simple. " I. Aslana and Ivanishvili are supported by the Republican Party in the US" - and it is doubtful if that party will win US presidential elections. Nonetheless, at least in real terms, US policy is to stick to Saakashvili (close to the Whitehouse) and the National Party; it is supported by the current US Administration - democrats. Last but not least, one must not forget about the role that Georgia is playing with Syria and  Iran. 

You understand what the policy direction is, the role that Georgia is expected to play against Iran and Syria - and the key role that Georgia continues to play with the Northern, supply route and the war in Pakistan and Afghanistan - especially since the Russians can cut it off at anytime it wants. However, many in the US State Department are of the former Administration, Republican - including Ambassador John Bass who worked directly with Dick Chaney. They are running a separate US foreign policy here in Georgia and the region - which is not in total keeping with what they are suppose to be doing, at least official job descriptions.

A recent article give insight into the bigger picture here, DANGEROUS GAMES IN SYRIA, by Eric Margolis … June, 2012 …  another US-Russia fracas is brewing up in the Caucasus. Relations between the two great powers are still raw due to the 2008 mini-war between Georgia and Russia over South Ossetia. Washington helped overthrow the former Georgian government of Eduard Shevardnadze in the so-called “Rose Revolution,” replacing him with close US ally, Mikhail Shakashvilli.

Key points:
•The new Georgian leader quickly turned his small Caucasian nation into a base for US and Israel intelligence and military operations. 
•As if Russo-American relations were not bad enough, US Republicans demand President Barack Obama “get tough” with Moscow. Threats fly back and forth over the planned US missile defense shield in Eastern Europe that enrages the Kremlin.
•Provoking or antagonizing Russia over areas that are of no vital US strategic interest is dangerous and childish. Moscow
and Washington should be seeking peaceful resolutions in Syria and the Caucasus, not playing silly Cold War games.
•Hopefully, Presidents Obama and Vladimir Putin will sit down and talk some grown-up sense when they meet at a summit this week in Mexico.

You must always keep in mind that Patton was the head of the Republican Institute, his work with Freedom House, etc. - so basically Georgia is like a primary election in one of the states in the United States. The US is betting on both sides - and will embrace whoever wins at the end of the day. They know they are in a better position to micri-manage the situation if the National Party stays in power. 
US embassy cable - 08TBILISI2482
View 08TBILISI2482 at  Sent: Friday, May 11, 2012 1:05 AM
 Subject: Re: McDermott, assistance requested
> ----- Forwarded Message -----

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am living in Tbilisi Georgia and I have been asked by a member of the Georgian press to assist in finding out information about one US Senator, as to various allegations over the years as to his integrity and networks of patronage.
Basically the Georgia media wants to know if one Senator has a record of looking out for his best interests rather than the best interest of others. It appears that he has been hired by a Washington based lobbying company to introduce legislation that can impact Georgian elections, and can impact US foreign assistance if allegations of less than perfect elections are proved. 
 Here is some background as to what I am helping the media with:
 In the video you sent me yesterday (Ivo Gabara's interview) I found a lot of parallels between the lobbying campaigns of Bidzina Ivanishvili and Nazarbaev. It was really very interesting and useful. Thanks a lot. Of course US Embassy never co-operate with us in this issues. 
 Please do your job there and don't waste time on finding out more information for me about Patten, we can't get his interview anyways. It would be really interesting to talk to Petr Kellie, but it's also almost impossible. Unfortunately I can't talk about Washington’s foreign policy openly.  But I'm doing everything that I can for showing Ivanishvili's real face and thank you for helping me.
From: "johnbradford@
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 1:42 PM
Subject: Sam Patten, a political adviser to Irakli Alasania,
Dear Sir
“Thank you very much. This information is very useful. I have one more question. May be you know if Sam Patte ever worked in any Asian republic. For example Frank Wisner worked for Hosni Mubarak. I’m tring to find connections between Ivanishvili's lobbyists and people with "not very good" reputation.
Did you watch the clip, and contact the Bureau for Investigative 
Journalism in getting an informed answer to your question. You are happy to quote any of my emails.
I think that he worked too Kazakistan and Iraq, and Sam Patten has worked in other capacities for Freedom House, another organization working closely with some aspects of US foriegn policy.
The consultancy company works for anyone who pays money, it has provided services to Belarus, and you know who is the leader there, just sentenced several to death. I will see what I can find; I am busy with other things right now. Also, there is an American woman in Tbilisi that is working with him and Aslania, Petra Kelli, she is from Washington State and organized the bill from the senator from that state to cut off assistance to Georgia.
I cannot make 100 percent connections between Sam Patten and really  bad people, as they are not in jail but one thing is certain,  when it comes to values, this man has none, and will take money from anyone and not question if that money is Russian or not, or how that  money was earned, drug and weapons trafficking.
You might want to contact the US Justice Department and see if there are any disclosure statements as the one that I sent you. Foreign Agents Registration Act and you can see that the disclosure statements in that document are either false or misleading.
Perhaps you can ask the US Embassy, Public Affairs Officer for help in this matter or the American Civil Liberties Union. However, they will likely refuse your request.
You already know the connections with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Boris and Aslan Abshadze, etc. Basically his connections and networks of patronage are the same of those of Sam Patten's and his team, as that is from where the money comes.
One thing is certain, Sam Patten is not operating without instructions from above, and this is tied into some splinter aspects of US foreign policy, not official, and the desire by some in various  agencies to replace the National Party, current government with one that they can totally control.
Sam Patten?
Georgians beware of the Republican sleaze behind the scenes!!! He is  being supported those in the Republican party in the US, also, he is  working closely with the Georgian Ambassador to the US to replace Saakashvili, and this is being done behind closed door.
This, however, is only debatable, and based on my inside source, it  is certain that he works closely with Temuri Yakobashvili, Georgian Ambassador to the US, and with right wing extremists ["non-partisan" says this article], ATLANTIC COUNCIL, and with global Zionist leaders [through Yakobashvili and Johns Hopkins/GSFIS] is bad enough. There appears to be a link here with NED, National Endowment for Democracy, modern day US gunboat diplomacy.
In short it is clear that the scheme in place is to taking away the democratic process in this part of the world for the sake of narrow-minded US foreign policy, other than for energy and arms merchants - appears to be a track record in this respect, lots of media spin, turn coating, and playing a media game that is not in the best interests of Georgia and regional security.
Enough said as background, and it is downright undemocratic!
The Northern Supply Network is in good hand and there is When the US can replace the National Party.  NB, the number 2 over at the Georgian Institute for Strategic Studies is also on the take with Russian intelligence. I need not worry too much that Sam Patten is going to be that successful in his PR efforts.
Older research:
Here are some notes from my research, and how he worked before with the ruling National Party and then switch sides. This is a gross violations of ethics in law and consulting standards, not serving two masters,  as Sam Patten had inside information of how the National Party operation, it goals and policy, as was a trusted consultant,  and well paid.
Here are some notes to get you started.
 Sam Patten on Wikipedia cable releases
 Now think to yourself, if you were Pentagon and Neo Con and Atlantic  Council Intel, what would be the VERY BEST say to stuff a rag down  the throats of snotty Yale staff members at US Embassies all around  the globe, so they mind their Ps and Qs when writing their internal  memos, at the upper end of Unclassified reports?
 Read this cable below, and just think how CAREFUL every embassy robot will be in the future, writing cables to report to the State Dept. what is going on.

On April 30, 2008, the Ambassador Bass met with political consultants Jeremy Rosner and Sam Patten, of Greenberg Associates, the American political consulting company hired by the ruling National Movement party.  Rosner said the UNM [has close ties with republic party in the US, via Sam Patton].
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