Friday, October 5, 2012

FBI involved in the murder of Zurab Zhvania, Georgian PM, smoking gun/Iranian heater???

-High time to dig into the murder of Zurab Zhvania – FBI involvement/cover up???

What has “four eyes and can’t see?”

Clear the washing line, there's some dirty laundry getting ready to be hung out to dry... recent interview with Zhvania's mother. Sounds like she thinks the time has come for the truth to come out. The only name missing from the interview is the incumbent PM's:


I know we need to take everything which Pravda puts out with a big pinch of salt, but where there's smoke... it is also clear the FBI – locally assigned agent, Bryan Parman, married to the not-so-divorced-wife-of-a-Russian GRU officer. Bryan appears to have been actively involved in the cover up. 

BTW, he is a West Point Graduate, grew up in the swaps of Mississippi, “what has four I’s and can’t see, and was to be assigned three years to the US Embassy in Tbilisi, ended up after a bar fight transferred to Ukraine and then sent back to the US and promoted as part of what appears to have been a high level cover up – based on information from the National Security Council at the time (and that person committed suicide). 

Quoting a former girlfriend, “I cannot be certain that Bryan actually killed Zurab Zhvania but I am certain that he participated in covering up the brutal murder.” 

FBI: Georgian prime minister was assassinated usually isn't too far away: or in this case - cooking with gas!!!

Details of the murder of the revolutionary Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania are also rather shocking. As was said in the "interview,” - the "official version of Zurab Zhvania's death is an impudent [flat out] lie". "There is witness's testimony that the body of the former prime minister was carried to that ill-fated apartment where there was a broken [Iranian] gas stove [heater] after he died... Zvania suffered a long death: he was tortured with an electric shocker in the presence of Georgian President Saakashvili, and then beaten about the head with a heavy ash tray. All this happened in the presidential residence of Shavnabada. Raul Yusupov, ethnic Azeri was also killed there, though, he was not tortured as much. 

When his village was visited a few days later by foreign journalist, an American, that journalist was kidnapped off the street on the order of the above-mentioned FBI agent and beaten in the Ministry of Georgian Counterintelligence – as a ploy to run him out of Georgia; it didn't work.

-- - Does exactly what it says on the tin

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