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Murder of Zurab Zhvania, former Georgian PM, cold case is heating up!!!

MAN HUNT, FBI AGENT:  Brian Parman rewarded and promoted for cover-up of murder of Georgian PM

Years ago, 2004, Brian Parman is quoted by the Caucaisn Knot as saying, "[thus far] … we see no evidence to consider that certain forces were involved in Zhvania's death. We have no reasons to dispute the conclusions drawn by our Georgian colleagues." 

FBI experts consider Zhvania's death accident

According to preliminary data, the death of Zurab Zhvania was a tragic accident. FBI experts came to such a conclusion after in Tbilisi, they had studied investigation materials concerning the Georgian prime minister's death. FBI legal attache in Georgia Brian Parman told the Caucasian Knot correspondent about it. "By now we see no evidence to consider that certain forces were involved in Zhvania's death. We have no reasons to dispute the conclusions drawn by our Georgian colleagues," he said.
Mr Parman noted that 1,400 people died from carbon monoxide in the US last year. He also pointed out that the group of FBI agents who finished their work in Tbilisi specialized in poison gases as well as carbon monoxide. The FBI agents took away to the US samples from the flat in which Zhvania died. Results of the examination, which will be done in an FBI laboratory in the US, will be known in 3-4 weeks and submitted to the Georgian government.
Zurab Zhvania was found dead on February 3 in a rented flat in Tbilisi, where he was together with vice governor of the Kvemo-Kartli region Raul Yusupov.


(Moscow Times) Agents from the FBI's Turkish office conducted unspecified tests in the apartment where Zhvania and his host were found dead on Feb. 3. Katuna Khvediashvili, a spokeswoman for Georgia's prosecutor general, said the agents' preliminary conclusions "coincided with those made by their Georgian colleagues."

FBI arrives to investigate Gori bombing, Zhvania's death

24-Saati reports that American FBI specialists arrived in Tbilisi to investigate the Gori terrorist act and former Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania's death.
"Participation of the American Federal Bureau of Investigation in both cases took place only because the Georgian side requested their presence, so as to provide the Georgian population with an answer to the question is anything being concealed from them," stated U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Richard Miles.

According to Miles, the FBI does not doubt results of the technical examination and also does not have any evidence pointing to Zhvania's murder. He states that the United States does not see any connection between the Gori terrorist act and Zhvania's death. "America does not doubt the jurisdiction and good will of the Georgian side," said Miles.
Deputy General Prosecutor Giorgi Janashia stated that the American specialists are taking part in the investigation. "FBI specialists have checked all the information concerning the heater that was installed in the Raul Usupov's flat and learnt all the details of it," stated Janashia. 

Dated Commentary 
As written back in 2004, the“news,” for those who haven’t been following breaking news, is that Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania was killed on February 3rd of this year by carbon monoxide poisoning; authorities there have so far called the death accidental. Zhvania’s younger “friend,” his host for the evening, also died in the fatal “leak from a faulty Iranian heater.”

(The deadly beast in question is sometimes referred to as a “badly installed Iran-made heater” or an “Iranian heater that was recently installed ignoring safety codes,” but, oddly, if it’s a Georgian official speaking, they inevitably bring up the fact that the heater was from Iran. Are they on GWB’s payroll and milking the divine opportunity to subliminally paint Iran in a bad light?

Or maybe they’re playing that age old Georgian game of plant-a-villain, which Stalin particularly excelled at; knowing that the entire population would first howl and snarl: “Russia!” upon hearing of the PM’s untimely death, they could have popped the concept of another potential bad guy into the national consciousness, and thus staved off the inevitable collective groan of: “….wait a minute. You’re the ones who wanted him gone….”  Or, perhaps most likely, maybe Saakashvili’s boys are stupider than we give them credit for.)

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  1. ...დღემდე არ გავრცელებულა ინფორმაცია ( შესაძლოა , მე არ ვიცოდი ) , რომ პრემიერ-მინისტრის სიკვდილის გარემოებებს სწავლობდა და დასკვნებს აკეთებდა FBI-ის თურქული ოფისის წარმომადგენლები ( იხილეთ სტატია , რომელსაც აქვეყნებს ამერიკელი ჟურნალისტი ) .... ეს ვერსია გამოყენებულია ან თავიდან პასუხისმგებლობის ასაცილებლად , ან უარის თქმაა იმ ვერსიაზე , რომელიც ხელისუფლებამ ოფიციალურად გამოაქვეყნა ....
    What does this say?

    Here is the translation, and it was not Turkish but US office, and there was cover up, and the agent in change covered up the facts of the murder and received a promotion. I know that from closed sources. Where did you find the article that you are talking about? "Up to today the information was not disseminated that (maybe I did not know ) the case over the death of Prime Minster was investigated that the reports were made by the FBI Turkish Office representatives (see the article which is published by USA journalist .... this version was used either for take off the responsibility, or it is the refusal of the version which the govt published officially." As far as American law is concerned if you participate in the cover up and destruction of evidence then you are part of the murder - equally guilty. Why is it that the FBI agent involved had to leave Georgia early, go to Ukraine, and then was promoted to Washington - this smells to high heaven!!!