Sunday, March 13, 2011

Georgia has become a boiling pot for revolution - "Rose Thorn Tea"

Revolution of "Rose Thorn" tea brewing in Georgia

Quote of the week

"Another portion of the opposition categorically rejects the potentially violent revolutionary strategy of the radicals."

Radical may be an overstatement but sounds nicer than opposition - as there is no opposition other than the pseudo ones, those either being funded by Moscow or Washington. Potekim democracy is alive and well in Georgia, and are the tin horn politicians.

One only need to consider the messenger - and the rate of inflation in Georgia, hopelessness, brain drain, and even the state within a state is failed and morally bankrupt. The next thing for pundits to do is plot that to economic indicators in prime revolution minded countries where “real” upraising revolutions have or are taking place. They need not be imported based on the play book of NED, National Endowment for Democracy, and its well-funded NGO network. A country that sells off its agriculture land in time of a world food crisis is one that has no sustainability. It is as as a father pimping his own daughter, selling her virginity to the highest bidder.


Much more can be read between the lines in this article, by Gia Nodia, and he shows that he see the writing on the wall. It is not overt. even between the words; Georgia under Saakashivli has witnessed a new level of corruption never even thought of by previous administrations, and its smiling face does not disguise it well. It even shames what is found in other corrupt countries, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Whereas junior bureaucrats often face the wrath of the law once they implicated in corruption, senior government officials close to President openly steal taxpayers’ money with impunity, boozing it up, whore chasing and putting it all on their expense account. Some observers say that the ‘big fish’ go untouched because the head himself is a role model, fully aware and even probably approves of their misconducts; it is his minions are showing solidarity in  a "gang bang" of the nation and its culture. 


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