Friday, March 25, 2011

Prision Deaths and Torture in Georgia, I am a prisoner too!!!

Death  penaltiy alive in well in Georgia: death by torture and TB

The campaign 'I am a prisoner too' continued today in front of the prison ministry. After protesters blocked the busy Kazbegi avenue, police intervened, and there was a few brief violent episodes. Two people were brought in by police, as far as a foreign reporter could see.

"You are fascists!" one middle aged woman shouted in the direction of the ministry building.

"You are all fascists! All of you!"

A woman said she is worried about the fate of her son, who has contracted tuberculosis in prison.

Statistics about the number of deaths in the prisons last years are delayed, but are expected to be significantly higher, as 2010 saw a number of controversial prison deaths the cause of which is yet not fully explained by the government. Officially tuberculosis was the prime cause, but victims are in many cases proven to bear visible signs of having been subjected to violence, and possible toruture, before they died.

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