Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prision Torture in Tbilisi Georgia, I am a prisoner too!!!

Prison Torture in Tbilisi Georgia

Mrs. Eka Kobesashvili, the lawyer of the HRIDC Legal Aid Centre stresses that beatings are widespread in prisons. According to her there are certain patterns together with isolated cases of beatings. Prisoners are always beaten when transferred to the different penal institution. This phenomenon is so inevitable that is nicknamed the “hospitality gesture” - welcoming  both by inmates and reportedly prison administration.

From the most recent report from Human Rights Center,

Here are some photos from last Friday's protest rally in Tbilisi, posted by someone called Nino. It started at 18:00 and lasted for about one and a half hour. Unusual for such rallies, most people stayed until it was over. The campaign is called "I am a prisoner too" - "mets patimari var".

A thousand people gather to express their objection against the systematic beating of prisoners by Georgian authorites, and there is nothing in the news outside, the international media.

What do you call that?

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