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USG sponsored Black PR, Abkhazia and Georgia

USG sponsored black PR, Abkhazia and Georgia

All what interesting for those interested in real FDI investment in Georgia, and the US Trumping Georgia,

and yet he is contributing absolutely zero to the project in terms of FDI - and did you see those new figures?

Donald Trump, a man who is ridiculed in his own country heaps praise on a man who is ridiculed in most other places. Where is the next funding going to come from - the EBRD? They were already deeply concerned about the falling level of FDI and it's fallen dramatically yet again and, if last year's "preliminary" figures are anything to go by, we could see FDI having fallen to the lowest point since Saakashvili stole Shevardnadze's tea.

Those figures are worth plotting now we have the latest figures in. Geostat can cook them all they like but they still taste bad.

The lack of domestic investment adds insult upon injfury as FDI shows no sign of turning around.

On a side note - I've never known so many of my closest friends hurting like they are right now in Georgia.The money is drying up or being taken offshore.  I think I made the right decisions at the right time. New times are coming,  I think we're on the right track in so far as the coming new economy is concerned - whatever that turns out to be - governmentless and banker-free I hope).

I'm amazed that Israel never figures in the top investors listing, aren't you? Or do you think they just move money the other way, through their weapons dealing and banking activities?

Foreign media comment on Trump-Saakashvili meeting

-"I`m dealing with one of the great leaders of the world," Trump said. "I understand how the world works. I deal with the world," the story says.

Foreign media commented on the agreement signed between the Trump Organization and Georgia`s Silk Road Group in New York on Thursday.

"Trump praised Saakashvili for political and economic reform efforts in that country, suggesting the U.S. was lagging far behind.

"You see what`s happened with the Republic of Georgia and you see what`s happening to our country," Trump said, pointing to high unemployment, spiking gas and food prices and the weak U.S. dollar. "You see what can be done with the proper leadership. We in this country, we don`t have that leadership. We`re being badly decimated in this country. We`re like a whipping post," the Wall Street Journal writes.

The New York Times published a story titled "Trump`s foreign approach."

"The real estate mogul -- who says he`s flirting with running for president -- appeared with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili after announcing that he`s building a new luxury hotel and resort tower in the former Soviet republic.

"In terms of foreign relations I think this is really a great start because this is a country [Georgia] with amazing leadership," Trump said during a press conference yesterday at Trump Tower.

"I`m dealing with one of the great leaders of the world," Trump said. "I understand how the world works. I deal with the world," the story says.

"First made public last September, Trump’s decision to expand into Georgia – first, with a skyscraper complex in the Black Sea resort town of Batumi, followed by a second development in Tbilisi -- is being touted by the government as a breakthrough in its longstanding efforts to attract foreign investment," Eurasianet says.

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