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Bio Weapons, Bechtel National, Mountain of Cute Dead Bunnies Flying the Stars and Strips!!!

Bechtel National, Cute Dead Bunnies, and Bio Weapons Lab in Georgia

"But all of this is open source stuff and currently in line with known US policy. It's easy to argue that because Georgia is amok with chem-bio nasties makes it the ideal place to spend billions soaking up all those idle brains and empty labs and putting them to (good/bad) OUR use.  What's the proof, is it DoD?"

Please forgive the devil's advocate approach here but unless you've got a lab flying the stars and stripes next to a mountain of cute dead bunnies then this story will be hard to sell.  

Did you see the latest funny PR?

U.S.-Funded 100 mln Bio Lab Opens in Tbilisi


"They say that the lab will not be used for bio weapons research". Now I am interesting in getting to know the rest of the story.

However, let's first review the history and a few questions to get started.

1) Dr Abdul Hassan, what became of him, former head of the As Salam Hospital in Pankisi?
2) How has the fall of Shevardnadze impacted Russian networks of influence in politics, business, and intelligence services
3) Bechel has a deal with Georigan Technology Management Company (TMC) on biological non--proliferation
  • Who are the researchers involved in this program?
  • What are their countries of orgins?
  • More about TMC (4 Liberty Square
Its relations with civilian and military structures (names, telephone numbers, locations and so on);
Its staff (how many, which kind of science backgrounds, relations with other research centres, in the US and UK, especially, etc);
Its connections to Plant Virus Lab near Batumi, and UK Ministry of Defense.

NB: Bechtel National, Georgian Technology Management Company (TMC) on bio non-proliferation
NB: Why even mention in the planted Georgian article that bio weapons research will not be carried out, especially if this was not the case and unless they wanted the people to believe otherwise.  Is live weapons grade bio ingredients available in Georgia?

One source wrote, I have a new investigation about bio weapons and have inside information - "biologiuri iaragi -  am sakitxs vidzieb ukve ramdenime welia da natelia , rom amerikis sheertebuli shtatebis mtavroba iyenebs saqartvelos biologiuri iaragis kvleva-ganvitarebisatvis. sakmaod saxifato situacia, iqidan gamomdinare, rom es shenoba da konteinerebi (biulogiuri komponentebis shesanaxi da dasamushavebeli), aris sheqmnili da ashenebuli turkebis mier da aris dzalian dabali xarisxis, rac safrtxes uqmnis mosaxleobas. aseve laboratoria iqna ashenebuli Kutaisshi da Batumshic."

More about the bio storage  - weapons labs, as already written:

Highlights -

Now may be a bad time as not that many people are looking, however, if the war effort in the Arab World and PR machine is slowed down, there may be no choice but to get nasty - anything is possible, even anthrax type attacks, and naturally one of the crazy Arabs that had a weapons program has a few petri dishes that got overlooked.  As you so well noted, to buld conter-agents you must first have the weaponized grade material or "infecting agent" which means that they have to predict or know what someone might use (so the storage vats they have in Georgia is important for this) and then the next step is to build a counter-agent. The quesiton is if the counter agent is already prepared and not it is just a matter of timing.

Subject: Re: Coincidence or not, bio lab and white rabbits.

Date: Monday, 18 October, 2010, 5:29

Yeah - but no one is going to put it in the middle of a city - the Soviets didn't even do that.

On 18 October 2010 13:24,
Can you tell me anyplace better - in your backyard - or in the US? The Georgians will do anything for money, and this would be a nice country without Georgians, at least for the US government.

One journalist was attacked for going and digging, from Europe, be careful, you are digging deeper than he was able to willing to go.





# Customer Name Work Description Location dates
124 Aghmashenebeli ave, Tbilisi
Trenching, electric cable installation Mandeeti,Saqasria 1999
124 Aghmashenebeli ave, Tbilisi
Drain systems and parking area arrangement Mandeeti 2000
124 Aghmashenebeli ave, Tbilisi
Concrete road construction Supsa terminal and marine base 2001
4 Tyco engineering services
2nd Prodolnaya Str, 2 Moscow ave, Baku, Azerbaijan
Cable trenching and concrete foundation preparation and column instillations Supsa 2004
5 Bechtel In Sys. Inc.
4, Freedom square Tbilisi,
Incinerator and generator installation for the epidemiology laboratory Kutaisi 2006
6 Bechtel In Sys. Inc.
4, Freedom square Tbilisi,
Sewer, gas and water line system installation outside CRL territory Tbilisi 2006
7 Bechtel In Sys. Inc.
4, Freedom square Tbilisi,
Temporary office building installation on CRL site Tbilisi 2006
8 Bechtel In Sys. Inc.
4, Freedom square Tbilisi,
CRL onsite gas and sewer line installation Tbilisi 2007
9 Bechtel In Sys. Inc.
4, Freedom square, Tbilisis
CRL bulk excavation Tbilisi 2007
10 Bechtel In Sys. Inc.
4, Freedom square, Tbilisis
Maintenance Services at the Central Reference Laboratory Site in Georgia Tbilisi ONGOING
11 Bechtel In Sys. Inc. 4 Freedom square, Tbilisi Renovation of Eliava BACTERIOFAG Institute Tbilisi 2008
12 Bechtel In Sys. Inc. 4, Freedom square, Tbilisi Construction of Transshipping Building at the Central Reference Laboratory in Georgia Tbilisi ONGOING
13 Bechtel in Sys. Inc. 4 Freedom square, Tbiliisi CRL Undergound Utilities Tbilisi ONGOING
14 Bechtel In Sys. Inc. 4, Freedom square, Tbilisi CRL Site Works Tbilisi


15 Bechtel In. Sys. Inc. 4, Freedom Square, Tbilisi. Procurement Services for BTRP project

Subject: Re: Still ongoing - and what did I tell you!!!
Date: Monday, 18 October, 2010, 5:20

What am I looking at?

All their current projects seem to be in Tbilisi - not the ideal place to produce any nasty weapons. They are prepared for bio-war; and even have the capacity to cremate bodies, one only needs to look into the history and the kind of work that Bechtel National is involved with.

"Global Service + Ltd. was founded in 1999 in Georgia. The company provides engineering, construction, design, installation, procurement&logistics, maintenance services, sanitary and hygienic services (disinfection,disinsection, pest control), tender documents preparation, follow-up and document control.

Global Service + deals with business, cultural and recreation trip arrangements, meet and greet services, conference and business meeting arrangements with interpret and publishing services, accommodation, sightseeing tours, wine degustation and gourmand tours, excursions to the protected areas and transportation services. Since its establishment it is involved in various international projects including Baku - Supsa and Baku - Tbilisi - Ceyhan pipelines and Biological Threat Reduction Program, along with the local projects. Global Service + is your best source and partner for construction, document and tourism services in Georgia

Sounds like a Command and Control Center to me.


Bio weapons production in Georgia - plain and simple - there may be a connection to what is going on in Baku but hard to connect the dots.

It is necessary to chase down the subcontactors and get some human intel on what is global services and why are they doing so much digging in the area, and I think you will be able to connect all the dots. However, be careful as a person getting too close can be taken out.

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