Friday, April 1, 2011

Georgia on my mind, April Fool's Day, lose-lose situation for poor Georgia

Georgian case against Russia thrown out of ICJ –
Georgia say they will try to get Russia prosecuted some other way.

Georgia blaming Russia for Kutaisi bomb plot now...

I think Russia could yet try to prosecute Saakashvili, if he doesn't stop using the word "maximally" all the time. It makes one wonder if the Russians have anything up their sleeve while all eyes are diverted on Libya?

Libyan rebels are now saying they'll agree to a ceasefire - I think what they really want is a face-saving way out as, probably, do the axis forces who are providing them with air cover because they can't defeat Gaddafi without going beyond their mandate (and Russia & China are both furious that they've cloaked this mission as a humanitarian one - and today the BBC is saying that children have been killed by air strikes).

Basically the International Court of Justice upheld Russia objection that they had no jurisdiction over the case, that Georgia should have gone via the UN and entered into discussion with Russia over Georgia claim about ethnic cleansing. The IDJ's disagreed with Russia that "there was no dispute" with Georgia to go via the UN, make talks with Russia fail, and then have them prosecuted.  In terms of the Georgian investiment climate. Rony Fucks, Israeli busienssman, received 7 years in the slammer today. Hope he does not get TB or is beaten to death. The other guy, Ziev Frankel, got six years. I don't think this let's him off the hook and Georgia still has to pay them the 98 million they were awarded, so I suspect that this is a death sentence. Technically this was a purely bribery case -- but the arbitration ruling should still be valid. 

As one American guy put it - this is a lose-lose situation for Georgia...
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